09 December 2006

Woahh.. it flies!

Not superman, I have not watched it yet. But I tell you what does.
  • Time and season, as Blue Bear said.
  • I found it interesting after Jie said it.
  • My cousin getting married.
  • Almost everyone plus bro is on the hill.
  • Parents in Beijing
  • Phuas in Shanghai
  • Deadline is on the 20th of Dec
  • Some lucky families heading up north to Laos on 19 days drive.
  • Musical is on the 15th and 16th Dec.
Yeah.. I just read about jie's blog for her 23rd year on Earth. It did not strike me until one portion within which reminds me how much older we have all become; one day we will not be able to react to the situation as well as we once had.

I feel a little depressed once in a while. And the worries keep on coming even as I cast my cares onto the Lord. I wonder what I missed out that I do not seem to understand His promises? I am guessing that it could be something along the line of not being patients enough or not being able to do anything worthy.

Hah... sounds like I am quite results driven. I guess I will have to meditate on 1Peter 5:6-7 and Mat 11:28-30. Or some could come give me a smack on my head.

OK, OK!! I am going back to work. If only I have half of superman's speed...

p.s. Free tickets available for people interested in the musical. Good stuff guaranteed =)

25 November 2006


I am lazy (to finish my homework)... Tagged by Jee (Ben)

Here goes!

4 things many don't know:
- I am not as hardworking as I sound
- I like drinking water (lots)
- I do imagine what would it be like to have (insert your name) as a girlfriend, wife, sister. If you are a guy, how on earth did you get/survive your girlfriend, wife, sister...
- Had a crush on my teacher when I was 5.

4 movies I could watch over and over:
- Most James Bond movies
- True Lies
- Indiana Jones Series
- Back 2 The Future I, II & III

4 places where I've lived:
- Subang Jaya
- Air Hitam (Penang)
- Kota Kemuning
- Kai Been

4 TV shows I love:
- Top Gear
- Dr House
- Doc Martin

4 places i've been for vacation:
- East Coast
- Thailand, Cambodia
- Australia
- US

4 of my favourite foods:
- Meat
- Vegetable
- Fish
- Rice & Noodle

4 places i would rather be:
- UK
- Where everybody knows your name
- Your house
- Her house

4 favourite songs:
- James Bond Theme song
- C&C: Red Alert (sound track)
- Rainbow 6 (theme song)
- Day by Day (Point of Grace)

4 others I wanna tag:
- Jill, Rose, Beanstalk, Ripper & traits
- Eun
- Shi
- Carr

16 November 2006

Trouble in bed...

Since that incident, I have problems in bed. I have too many pillows, my neck aches when I sleep on more than two pillows stacked together, the extra pillow falls off the bed as I can only hug two at a time.

Please come home, jie...

Other problems include the laptop cannot detect wireless connection sometimes, my comp is going crazy and I am sleepy all the time. *yawn...


p.s. now I know why I am sleepy, I just watched two James Bond flicks tonight! I should be busy doing homeworrkkzzzz.z.zz....

06 November 2006

Four girls and one Guy

Girl 1: We were standing at the door late at night. We just reached her house after dinner and she was about to enter. We looked at each other and said good bye. Deep within, I had so much to say but it would not come out. All I wanted was to give her a hug and hope that things would turn out fine no matter what. And sillily, we said good bye again, and ackwardly I left through the gate, leaving a good friend once again as she enters her house..

Girl 2: I quickly drove to the front of the gate only to realise that she was leaving the house with her luggage. I thought I was just in time. I quickly parked and ran towards the car she was getting onto. As I was running, I was said, God give me the chance to pray for her. But when I reached, I only managed to give her a hug, and then she had to go. The driver drove down the road with her inside, turned at the junction and out of sight..

Girl 3: She was waiting at the door as her parents continued talking. I spent the next 20 minutes trying to muster some courage to walk up to her to say hello. I walked towards her with all my boldness only to chicken out by talking to her dad. Seeing that I still have a chance to talk to her, I turned away the opposite direction. And from afar, she stood on for a few more minutes before leaving walking through the door with her parents..

Girl 4: It was nearing the end and she was talking to her friend. I went up next to her and gave her a side hug like what her friend was doing to her and joined on to their conversation, hoping that I would be able to hug her and thank her for being there for us all the time when we are left alone after. Her friend soon left and another friend came along and started another conversation. Just as it was about to come to a turning point, a little boy came an embraced her and started crying. Knowing that this was an urgent matter, she took him by his hand and lead him off to a distant place..

Guy: He was like a silent yet strong father to me although I still do not understand the value of the relationship we have. He stood by me, guiding and supporting me even when I was tired and frustrated. He calmed me and encouraged me and even gave me unimaginable strength to work things out. Time and time again, He got me out of trouble just at the right moment and even giving me unimaginable confidence. Crazy as it may seems, but I doubt His help all the time even when I have been proven wrong again and again. The amazing thing is, He never left once.

In all these, no-one is to be blamed. I guess. I just have to work on my timing. And hopefully, He will guide me through.

p.s. Thanks Su, your gift on Sunday morning was amazing =)

23 October 2006

What a Sunday!

Here, in brief of what happened today.
  • Went to church.
  • Bribe the kids with chocolates and mints which was meant for her to keep quiet and be obedient.
  • Fan bullied me
  • Stranger came to church looking for pastor. Had to call Ps. Mal to come all the way from Puch to counsel him.
  • Double Cheeseburger (only) lunch cost RM5.53 (tax included)!!!!! *grumble. For more outdated info, visit here.
  • Went back to church to take a nap. Background noise includes Ps. Mal still conseling stranger and constant car raving.
  • Indonesians came to church for their service. Started at 1830 till 2100hours. Concert with short sermon. Really, really blessed!!
  • God answered my prayer: Indonesians gave me some of their food!! :)
  • Droped by Eu's house, trying to redeem myself for forgetting her day with chocolates and cake.
  • Came home played Defcon with some gwai loh from Miami, Fl, US of A, unintentionally. Wanted to play with comp. But press wrong button. :P
  • Blogged!
Oh, one more thing. Try to guess what does GBU stand for. A nice cold drink for the first person to get it right (free hugs included upon request).

17 October 2006

Mr Lee

Dear Mr Lee from Singapore,

I know this is a little late, but you must realised that what you have said with some "people" has caused a stir in my place. And as you said later on, it made some guys really, really, REALLY, realllllyyyy uncomfortable. It is true that you speak of facts, but this open secret of ours should not be discussed or even mentioned at all.

Why? Because these guys believe that it will make us not happy. Sure, they did give us a lot of opportunity to "express" and "improve" ourselves by limiting us and giving our pies to their group. We NEED to help them too since we happened to be in this.

Let us not get in to too many details. These guys think we are not mature enough to discuss "certain" issues without becoming too emotional. You get my drift?

Don't worry too much for us. We will survive. If we do need your help, we will come down to visit you. Just tell your friends to be nice to us because we survived longer. =)


06 October 2006

THIS is!

SO sorry Matt. The link I was looking for could not be found anymore. So this is the copy I saved on my comp.

But this is it. Isn't she cute? Matt got this pic in the British Open early August this year.

If she is cute and happy, I am too :P

01 October 2006

Living by faith

It is funny how God reminds us how to live our life depending on Him all the time. All my Christian life (until now, mind you I am still a young one :] ), I still have trouble believing that God is larger than the situation I am facing. Pastor Mal was preaching on living life by faith this Sunday morning and yup, it is God passing His reminder on me again.

The other day, I skipped my usual Friday Church meeting so I can help out in the Mooncake Festival helping my college organised. Brilliant event which has so much potential to explode into chaos, which did not (this story for another time). By the time I managed to escape the clutches of after party cleanup Kwee (my friend) and I quickly ran home, hoping to catch the next possible bus back to Sub.

By the time we reached there, it was nearly 22.50 and there was no bus in sight. Asking the bus operator revealed that we will have to wait for the last bus (at 23.30) to take us home. Now, the plot thickens - I need to take a connecting bus into USJ (last bus at 0.00) or else I will have to pretend to be homeless for a night.

All those time I have always wondered if the 23.30 bus will be able to make to Sub in time. I guess the bus operator was trying to reassure me everytime I asked.

Finally, we got onto the bus and slowly rumbled through the night along LDP 23.32 onwards.

When my friend finally got off at his stop, I was alone in the bus, at the mercy of the not-so-happy-looking bus driver. When my stop came, I quickly got off and ran toward the connecting bus at 23:57. The smilling bus driver told me that the lucky fellow I am did not miss this bus to PJ Utama.

"PJ? But, but.." "Oh, it is ok, I can drop you somewhere near by (while you figure how you get to your place)" "errr.. Ok, thanks"

So off I got a few stops later waiting at the side of the road feeling a little nervous. The next few minutes was pretty tense. I was in a delima, I could call sis to come or grab a taxi or play with the stray dog. I prayed to God a little and that calmed me, giving a little assurance that a bus will come grab me.

Sure enough, 5 years later a bus came and stole me away from the dark, lonliness of the night (sure, the was oddly a lot of traffic at that time).

Yeah, I managed to get home alright. =)

Thanks for reading. Will try to update soon. Till then, Cheers!

16 August 2006

Two happy things happened

I got a 2.8!

And this from Matt Dunham of AP

Yup... Thank God for the first one. He answered my prayers =)

Thanks Matt for the second one. If someone can find a pic that is large enough for a decent size wallpaper, I would thank that person even more! *hint hint...

More good things are on the way... like getting to have dinner with a good friend on Wed the 16th, August 2006.

Shallow Deep

Deep thoughts, are something I lack. Heck, even to think simple stuff is hard for me. My mind wonders all the time, always seeking the easiest way to explain how things should work. Any more information than the quota allowed, it will flow beyond my mind like a, ermm... a burst pipe. That's right, burst pipe!

I grow up in a family where deep thoughts are common, each individual in the family thinks of different matters which concerns them for long period of time, seeking explanation and solutions. Wishing that I would at least have half that kind of capability, I practise this thought process by wondering what would be the best way to get lunch using the least amount of time and effort.

It won't be long before I make the same decision base on previous experience. Not much thinking required.

Of course, this in turn has a terrible effect on me. Some of it are:
  • eating the same thing from the same place for a long period of time
  • not much of a great conversationist. I rather have people do most of the talking while I chip in a little to make it sound like I am smart enough to understand.
  • bad at self-evaluation, or sitting down quietly to reflect on important issues
  • etc. (see?)
Why am I thinking of these all of a sudden? I am not too sure myself. I was talking to an old school mate online just now and stumbled upon a blog of an ex-collegemate on philosophy of life. The old school mate I talked to was surprised when she found out that I was studying architecture instead of what suited me more like journalism or social science. Sure, it is nice to sound sophisticated and philosophical, but it is dangerous teritory once people found out that you are an expert on bull-dunging.

The other thing was I realised that my ex-collegemate who has a very philosophical outlook of life was rather worried about human civilisation and how inadequet, or meaningless, or how much pretense or how people would eventually fail/lie.

I would jump in and tell her that, God is with us! And there should be no fear in life with Him on our side. And failure is because we are physically and spiritually inperfect due to our sin. However, there is a fear that it would not be enough satisfy her philosophical needs or whatever she thinks it is. (sidenote: I think the Matthew 3 comes in here, when John the Baptist went around baptising people with the simple message of v2."Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near". And that work! Relevance? Do not know. You tell me (grin) )

So coming back to the topic, which I no longer know how to continue because my mind has already overworked, I would like to conclude. If given a chance to be Pinky or Brain, I would rather be Pinky. Yep, dumb yet happy. What would be better is to be happy in the Name of the Lord. That would be a different topic altogether..


14 August 2006


I am never for being constant. This is probably my 120th time I am trying to write an entry but again, I lost inspiration on what to write. Hmmm.. maybe that is my constant. So, here is an update on what I have been trying to occupy my holiday with (in point form).

  • Meeting up with old school friends and church mates. I think I have neglected my college mates. errr...
  • Book reading: Matthew, supposed to read Mark too =P
  • Stufdying: Matthew, and how to set up a secure wireless network for my house
  • Movie/Anime watching: 3 so far in the cinema, another 25 episodes of Bleach, and 26 episodes of Chobits.
  • Said: Not that I can remember but this are two things that stayed in my mind for a long time. Both to dad
Dad: Why is your closet so messy?
Me: Err.. I have not reached there yet.
Dad: What do you mean have not reached there yet? When are you going to finish cleaning your room? December?
Me: No lah, can finish by September.
Dad: Huuh... smart alec, come here!..
Me: run...!!


Dad: If you are perfect like me, then you do not need God.
Me: Then why do you need insurance coverage for your workers?
Dad: (pause)
Me: See like work, God is the best insurance, and gives good assurance too!
Dad: (his classic speechless grin)
Mom: Charm liao (Oh oh..), see your son can outwit you liao..


Fan: you want to watch Lady in the water with us? Or are you too scared?
Me: I can, but I need to ask my mom first!
Fan: Fine, come out with more excuse..
Me: OK, ok. But still have to ask my mom first! (thus little Jack was pressured into watching a movie in which he giggled and laughed all the way although it has a pretty serious message behind it.)

So, once again, I am going to leave this post hanging again with a bad ending. I see another constant here. Cheers!

Note: Most conversation has been paraphrased.

07 August 2006

Love Stories - Introduction

Love, is everywhere. Yup. And mine is exciting as empty flat table collecting dust. Or is it more like molds growing on bread? I do not know.

Not that I am complaining about the lack of love in my life. My life is filled with it, especially from God, family and friends. Also the love for sleeping, watching movie/anime and reading newspaper, and this.. and that..

Today I am telling stories of love from an audience point of view (POV). I have been listening to and watching several stories to share in online. This is what long holidays do to you. So, the first one is the movie: The Break Up by Vince what-his-name and Jennifer Anniston. The show is about how they broke up and wanting to get each other jealous.

Watching it with friends (especially girls when you think it is a romantic comedy) is fun (until you realise that it is anything but). There are lots to learn (from this not-so-romantic drama).

At the end of the movie, the girl (old school friend) sitting next to me jumped on me (not literally) with the question: "Don't you think it is the guy's fault?"

Huh?? I was caught off guard. So to play it safe, I told the girl that it is the guy's fault for being so duh and self-centred, but it is also the dame's fault too for not making it clear to him too. Well, my friend became speachless for a few seconds but still insisted that it was the guy's fault indirectly.

But to think of it, you cannot put the blame entirely on one side. Because relationships are meant to be two ways instead of one. I can boldly tell you that the guy is just plain silly for being self-centred, but would I repeat the same mistake I see? Sure, he had good intentions of being nice and cheering the girlfriend up and yet he did it badly. Sigh... seems like there are so much to learn in a relationship.

However, this is my opinion. I think I wrote with my points all over the place. So please have mercy on me if you are lost. For a clearer picture, please read the Christian POV about this movie.

Enough of POVs for now. Next time lah..


02 August 2006


Things these days come in two. Just to stress this point a little...
  • Two different type of busses needed to travel to Boarders from Subang, via Putra Bus and free shuttle bus from Kelana Jaya station. Did I say the shuttle bus is free?
  • Both bus company offered new time table of new routes (which I picked up because I had nothing to read)
  • The bus is not a friendly place to sleep, even when you think the IKANO shuttle bus is very comfortable - I knocked my head twice (rather painfully) on the window panel when my head fell forward. That fake cushion on the panel? Fake and hard.
  • Boarders (book shop) has two levels and elveators too.
Other things that happened twice are
  • I had to have lunch twice because two different group of friends called at two different time (from the same college)
  • Changed computer twice because of lousy Streamyx connection which seem to happen quite regularly in college
  • Saw two pretty good looking women on the way in to Borders
  • Confirmed twice that they were pretty good looking men.
  • Once when one spoke, the other when my friend told me loudly enough to make me want to run.
On the other hand, it was nice going going to prayer meeting on Tuesdays again. Was refreshing. That kind of reminds me how much lacking in my quiet time and how much more I need God. Yup... Till then.. Will try to post something soon.


01 August 2006

Breathe, slowly...

Finally, all is done! Homework, project, assignment and everything within that category is finally done. Yes, I think I am alive. I need to start thinking of ways to fill the next two to three weeks of holiday until college classes restart again. However, I have a bad feeling that this sem's results aren't going to turn out well. With so many late and last minute work (most of them not nicely done too), it sure is going to make the results look bad.

So, I am just praying and hoping that God will bless me good results. I do not know how that will happen. But just hoping and praying...


28 June 2006


The biggest fear I guess I will ever have is the fear of rejection. Or at least that is in my mind. Having the feeling of being rejected is pretty bad. Even when it seems far away in the horizon. It is really bad when every non-respond from someone you care for or know is seen as an act of rejection.

I am bad at keeping in contact with people I once met. Most of the time, it will either die a fast heart attack or a slow painful death (akward is more like it). This seems to be the case especially when I just came back from an architecture workshop two weeks back. That was when I have to come out from my comfort zone to meet people, dreading the same scenario would repeat. Not too bad so far considering there are people who are actually keen in meeting up with people they met during the workshop. So currently, I am just hoping, hoping that history will not repeat

Sigh... this will be a short post. It is deadline season again. Next one will be before I succumb homework pressure.

*This is one of those time again. Don't worry just yet.. muahahahah....

24 May 2006

Dad's advise

"Suffer in silence. It is for the best. You do not want more than you bargain for," (paraphrased) says dad. In a few hours, I will be gone on a long peaceful (hopefully) journey to Penang. Hopefully we will be able to have a few hours of peace every once in a while the whole time we are there. It is the duty of a relative to visit another, even if it means that we will receive constant scolding from the elderly.

19 May 2006


IF you have the following symptons:
  1. uncontrollable cough
  2. unstopable nose leaking
  3. unbelievable sore throat
  4. unimaginable headache
  5. unceasable sneezing
Then, I am sorry that you have flu. Sorry but you have been registered as a flu virus carrier. Just like me. But no worries, with enough rest and a good Medical Cert (MC) from a good doctor, and the wonderful help of God. All will be gone soon.

oh, Happy B'day Poh! Who is officially 1 year away from being an elligible voter for Malaysia if she comes back from Aussie land. :)

11 May 2006

When architecture students do performing arts... (photos)

It is true when they say that architecture students are crazy and stressed all the time. So some decided to turn to performing arts to destress...

Mrs. Doubtfire


Woman-with-problem-asks-MCA-for-help Show

Talk-is-cool-and-cheap Show

Your Basic Rights

"Howdy, officer? Is there anything wrong?"

What do you do when you are stopped by a police? I recieved an e-mail with a link to a website which informs you of your rights by the Malaysian Bar (not the one where they serve alcohol beverages and soft drinks at a cut throat price).

Download this little book and read it so that you will know what to do when you are caught with your pants down by the police next time. Not that I want to hear of anyone really caught that way literally. Read some of the comments given regarding the book too, which proves to be quite helpful too.

If you want to do more than knowing your rights, you can always join the SOPF - Save Our Police Force by signing the online petition.

Once you have done all of the above, Malaysia will become a better place. Yeah...

28 April 2006

The price to pay

There is a heavy price to pay for maintaining long distance relationship (i.e. Singapore).

50cents per Text (SMS)!!

At the rate I went before I realised, I am a few Ringgit poorer than before. But I guess it was worth it.

The obsession with money lately? Not that I am becoming more calculative, but it is a involuntary action due to spending too much. I have nearly blew nearly RM 150 the past two weeks. Mostly on food. And that is not good. I am way over my budget and that is really scaring me.

I don't like asking for money from my parents. Sure it is their duty to pay me allowance but not at the rate I am spending. *grumble*

I can't wait for the day I start earning my own living... till then, somebody save me..
*ends with Smallville's theme song*

p.s. Don't worry the-rest-of-the-people-around-the-world, I will try my best to keep in contact. Maybe the cheaper way. :P

22 April 2006

Field trip

Train trip to and from Pulau Ketam: RM 5.80
Trip to toilet while waiting for boat: RM0.30
Boat ride from Port Klang to the island (one way): RM 6.00
A bowl of gone low ee min (dry brown noodles): RM3.50
Seeing a cute blond chick: Priceless..

At least that is the little consolation for travelling so far beyond the boundaries of my comfort zone to understand the workings of sewage system in an island. The sewage system (or the lack of it) is of no surprise as there are many ways to deal with it. Animals like crabs (what the island is famous for) and some anphibian fish would pick on the "nutrients" and put it back to where it all belong. It is true to the term that one man's, er.. shit, is another animals' food?

The oddest part of this island is that the smell most of us got is the smell of the rotting prawns and crab shells that most islanders wouldn't mind throwing onto the soil. Bare in mind that most of the island's activities are on stilts. The ground/ soil is a convenient site for dumping.

Not all islanders are like that. There is a small group who actually like the island to smell better. However, the small group does not have the right tool to start a crusade against such illicit act against nature.

The consolation of this trip? Yup, a cute blond chick. Hair colour is natural, or so we were told by the aunty we interviewed. To protect herself from us, she ran into the house to bring her sword but her weapon was her laughter. As we were leaving the house after the interview, she hid behind the window and shout at us.

And oh, people there are willing to take all the shitty questions we asked, literally. They do explain where their human waste go to and how the tide and animals would "take care" of their stuff. We were rather embarrassed to ask such questions.

In the end, we went home. Voila! Never would we ever do that again unless forced to go back there.

p.s. one of the guys who went a week ahead of us told us how unfortunate we were because we missed the opportunity to see real good looking ladies from other colleges doing their project too. I cannot begin to imgaine a pickup line suitable for such meeting - "Hi, what is a pretty girl doing in a smelly place like this?" Yeah, right.

21 April 2006

A short one

When is it the right time to like someone? Is the person I like the right one? Would it hurt to wait and see or just go ahead and consider? What if someone better comes along or someone who is THE one comes about?

I once heard or saw a bumper sticker's perspective of a relationship (the not so serious one) - "choosing the right partner is like buying a computer; the longer you wait, a newer better one comes along (paraphrased)".

Is that what I really want? Or should I just wait for God to move? I know I would missout in His goodness by doing things my own way? Only time will tell.

p.s. There is no particular one yet. But several... *shock!*

08 February 2006

Wazzup (pic)...

Long time ago, there was a boy who would spend a lot of his time writing non-sensical stuff online and no one would read about it. Soon, something bad happened and he no longer wrote again, until one day, someone sprang an oportunity for him, too tempting to say no. And for the first time in many moons, he started writing again.

Oh yeah, be scared. Be very scared... more rubbish is on the way. And the only way to escape is not to come to this web site. Anyway, nothing to report other than the fact that I am growing fat and not going to college.

Blame Chinese New Year, blame good food, blame good cooks. Now there are two cooks in the house. Sis came back from Aussieland and she vows to cook more often. Good news eh?

Anyway, I went up to Penang hill during CNY. Would have taken very nice pics but lousy camera and lousy shaky hands.

evening scene from the top of the hill

Nice lovely garden with lights!

The bridge is not that clear, and the camera is a little shaky.

From another side of the mountain.

Dawn I think. I missed sunrise by being overtly tired. :(

Some ideas for my cooks.

The Mansion/bungalow/big house on top of the hill. Used to belong to the Thai Ambassador a pretty long time ago. Soon, some guy was lucky enough to buy it. Pretty lucky :)

Well, there it is is for now. More to come in future if I am not too lazy to post.