29 October 2007

12 October 2007


Don't you hate it, when you win some; you loose some. Cases in points

Social Networks:
I have decided to let all my dormant Friendster, Multiply, Subtract etc. to remain, dormant. But I have just succumb into peer pressure (3 people) to join a new one.

Some close ones are leaving, some not so close ones are coming, some lost ones found.

Room spaces:
I cleaned my room by throwing away a stack of not-so-potentially-useful old secondary tests and notes. OK, I exaggerated. I just threw newspapers dating back to February and bus tickets which needs some carbon dating to identify the date of issue. I gained 0.36 sq m of room space.

Constant Text-ing:
Remember the 12 smses in one day record? How about at least 5 text messages daily to a peak of what I presume is 10. Six days a week. And sometimes very silly questions being asked like what to do if there is no printer. Hmmm. Why can't it be the chick from that certain housing area?

I spent here, producing a blog. Not spent of my final project. Die...