26 February 2007

Woah.. (Pic)

Thanks for reminding that I am growing older and wider. Yes, I still think the petrol vouchers is still the best present. No, I really appreciate the presents you guys gave me, a good guess it is. Yes, remember to not get me those really elaborate t-shirts with really fancy design. Can't imagine how odd I would look.

To those who did not send me an sms on my birthday but did remember, thank you very much! You save me RM 0.07 to RM 0.15 per sms depending on the telco you are on. Yes, I am cheapskate. Yes, I will reply your sms even when I have RM 10 left for 20 days.

BUT, thank you all for remembering and being such a blessing to me too! If I have forgotten to thank you, do ask me out for lunch or dinner and I will gladly meet you.


22 February 2007


Amongst the cries of many well wishers, her silence was deafening...


08 February 2007

Tripple booking

  1. Give in to pressure by the committee who organised a BBQ trip to the seaside for college's winners of some grand competition on Saturday afternoon.
  2. Succumb to pleadings of a pretty (petite) lady to attend a reunion where you can see all the former prefects of yesteryears and lots of lots of juniors (still in high school) in their once-in-a-life-time-can-wear-something-really-nice dresses on Saturday evening.
  3. Submit to life's norm of not-turning-down-a-21-year-old-b'day-girl's invitation to a party on Saturday evening.
That? was last year, when life was so much more complicated and I did not use my organiser to plan out dates properly.

This year's New Year Resolution is to be more organise and able to plan out events properly. Or so I thought. I nearly did the same thing again. Luckily, only to find out how close I was to agreeing to attend three different events again, starting at almost the same time. 2 farewell parties and 1 friend's "house warming" ;)

So much for trying to use my organiser as part of my dust collection.