03 July 2009


Do you (yes, you tropical fishes) always wonder why people do not shower/bathe very often when they live in cold countries (e.g. Australia and England)? Is that a reason why Europeans especially French perfumes are so popular? Is that why deodorants are very popular products here in Australia?

I am not sure.

But one thing I know is that I have managed to stay in the same clothes for 4 days without smelling THAT bad. At least I can't really smell myself that well. All thanks to the wonderful winter in Tasmania. Here, you do not sweat as badly as in the tropics. And when there are no such thing as a proper toilet with shower within 15 km of the camping site, cleaning yourselves is a great challenge. Keeping warm is a challenge. Not smelling bad is a walk in the park.

Keeping dry in a camp site is a big challenge especially when the tent you borrow is not simple to set up. Wind, within the Tasmanian forest next to the beach is still very strong. We were camping nearly 450m away from the beach with shrubs and some trees around did not stop the wind from blowing rain water in to my tent.

Trees are not that helpful.

And when you get all moist and sticky from the cold weather and dew condensation, it is nearly impossible to clean up. So, one has no choice but to wipe yourself dry, or die trying. Otherwise it is very not cool to have cold feet.

Right. Time to shower. A hot one. After 4 days at least.