28 June 2006


The biggest fear I guess I will ever have is the fear of rejection. Or at least that is in my mind. Having the feeling of being rejected is pretty bad. Even when it seems far away in the horizon. It is really bad when every non-respond from someone you care for or know is seen as an act of rejection.

I am bad at keeping in contact with people I once met. Most of the time, it will either die a fast heart attack or a slow painful death (akward is more like it). This seems to be the case especially when I just came back from an architecture workshop two weeks back. That was when I have to come out from my comfort zone to meet people, dreading the same scenario would repeat. Not too bad so far considering there are people who are actually keen in meeting up with people they met during the workshop. So currently, I am just hoping, hoping that history will not repeat

Sigh... this will be a short post. It is deadline season again. Next one will be before I succumb homework pressure.

*This is one of those time again. Don't worry just yet.. muahahahah....