25 January 2007


Woo... burn babe, burn! I am a lot stronger than 98˚! I am running a little hotter than that. Yup, so much for wanting to be normal.

I am hoping and praying it not dengue. You can't get it twice right? But, I think there are four types of viruses which causes dengue...

So here goes: Oh, MIGHTY GOD! Praise your holy name. The one who forgives all sins, the one who heals all sickness! (Psalms 103:1-3, edited unshamefully by me)

Woohoo!! Prepare the way for great testimony!

Author is insane due to high fever. Please, bear with him when he recovers.

19 January 2007

Coming up...

How NOT to design a letter box. Coming to this blog when the author is super free and has his tired feet rested.

15 January 2007


One of the more highly sophisticated insult I have received so far from an unexpected simpleton: Brainless Retard


Welcome back to a certain Yim from Melbourne, Aus. More links to click on if you like =)

08 January 2007

Combo B'day

What I meant was church combo celebration (CCC) and Caryn's B'day. Yesterday news, todays headline. Reminds me of one title which goes: Fire fighter fights fire with fire in fire fight - Broken News.

Yesterday was a little hectic, in an odd way. Morning service was held in Tropicana - the land of the quite rich. The first Combine service in many moons, and the message for us all is: We are Family, and we need to walk down the same ROAD, facing the same DIRECTION and towards the same GOAL. And our guide is JESUS, son of the I AM.

Not me

Sounds great. That means we are in for something really big and would require the whole church to get off our love sit and start moving. Sigh...

Other news include Caryn becoming a year wiser. Amazing time for a girl who has super x-ray vision who eyesight penetrates through chaos to see the true heart of many people. Yup, glad to know that someone is out there taking care of the careless. Someone, save her!

Prayer for b'day girl to prosper

OK, enough rantings.. go pretend to do some work.

07 January 2007

Wedding in Jan

Sure.. no good pictures taken. But, it is the union of Mr and Mrs Soo. God Bless them. =)