09 December 2006

Woahh.. it flies!

Not superman, I have not watched it yet. But I tell you what does.
  • Time and season, as Blue Bear said.
  • I found it interesting after Jie said it.
  • My cousin getting married.
  • Almost everyone plus bro is on the hill.
  • Parents in Beijing
  • Phuas in Shanghai
  • Deadline is on the 20th of Dec
  • Some lucky families heading up north to Laos on 19 days drive.
  • Musical is on the 15th and 16th Dec.
Yeah.. I just read about jie's blog for her 23rd year on Earth. It did not strike me until one portion within which reminds me how much older we have all become; one day we will not be able to react to the situation as well as we once had.

I feel a little depressed once in a while. And the worries keep on coming even as I cast my cares onto the Lord. I wonder what I missed out that I do not seem to understand His promises? I am guessing that it could be something along the line of not being patients enough or not being able to do anything worthy.

Hah... sounds like I am quite results driven. I guess I will have to meditate on 1Peter 5:6-7 and Mat 11:28-30. Or some could come give me a smack on my head.

OK, OK!! I am going back to work. If only I have half of superman's speed...

p.s. Free tickets available for people interested in the musical. Good stuff guaranteed =)