10 December 2007


She smiled,
We talked,
For a while,
Now I am sold,
Does she know?

02 December 2007


She is Hot, but Honourable
She is Intelligent, and very Impressive
She is Caring, absolutely Considerate
She is Witty, and totally Wonderful

Sigh... problems I create for myself.

29 October 2007

12 October 2007


Don't you hate it, when you win some; you loose some. Cases in points

Social Networks:
I have decided to let all my dormant Friendster, Multiply, Subtract etc. to remain, dormant. But I have just succumb into peer pressure (3 people) to join a new one.

Some close ones are leaving, some not so close ones are coming, some lost ones found.

Room spaces:
I cleaned my room by throwing away a stack of not-so-potentially-useful old secondary tests and notes. OK, I exaggerated. I just threw newspapers dating back to February and bus tickets which needs some carbon dating to identify the date of issue. I gained 0.36 sq m of room space.

Constant Text-ing:
Remember the 12 smses in one day record? How about at least 5 text messages daily to a peak of what I presume is 10. Six days a week. And sometimes very silly questions being asked like what to do if there is no printer. Hmmm. Why can't it be the chick from that certain housing area?

I spent here, producing a blog. Not spent of my final project. Die...

02 September 2007


Woah... third week of final semester! So fast.

Not good. I feel too relaxed for it to be my final semester. With only classes three times a week and Saturday and Sunday also somewhat busy, I have quite a lot of time on my hand. This entry is a proof of it.

I can go on ranting about I should be a good boy and save Malaysia from incompetent people, or the world is being unfair, or we as Christians have been so selfish or mean to each other, or how some people are so nice to me when I don't deserve it, or wonder what should the next step be for being a Church of a living God.

But my heart goes out to this Aussie dame from Ipoh. I knew her from my previous college, separated since graduation, stumbled upon her blog and have been following ever since (like checking in once every quarterly). Always known her as someone friendly and a little bit cool. Loneliness and waiting patiently seems like a horrible combination. Hmmm...


Press on, girl. DON'T GIVE UP!

Yeah, sounds like it is for me too..

20 August 2007

The Beginning of The End

Question: Which is better? Working or Studying?
Answer: Working makes you brain dead; studying causes fatigue.

Five months of practical training/industrial attachment/working part-time/cheap labour/slave trade in two different firms sure is great learning experience. It was a strange experience for me. I supposed that while it is quite a challenge to be working for two (and a half) firms, it is a great learning experience.

One is a construction firm, the other an architecture firm (with a town planning firm/department, hence the half). Both are related to each other, but cover two very different aspects of the same industry.

Which is better? I spent more time in the arch firm than the construction firm. Which happens to be a more healthy option because almost half the guys in the construction firm smokes (in an office with a/c). But hey, who said the construction industry in Malaysia is an easy job (or not corrupted)?

Yes, I know I am getting off tangent. I need to really think before I type. So while I think, here are some pictures for your viewing.

Architect Joke
A: Can I borrow your colour pencil.
B: Don't have it with me lah. But I have it at home
A: Your pencils will be too small lah (pointing at house models)
B: Err... hahahhaha..
*Note: This is where you laugh (uneasily) too

The pictures below are unofficial site visit to Sunway South Quay at night while I have my trusty camera next to me and ample time on hand

Thinking still in progress..

Yup, Cheers!

06 August 2007

Sunday Free

Bizarre news: Having Sunday free from anything.

Yeah, that means no Church, no rushing to somewhere for some event or dinner.

Not entirely true either. I had agreed to a morning breakfast which I suggested the evening before to a group of church people after service. It was rather random on my side because:
  1. I would not have agreed to joining anyone for anything expensive at any given time unless it is paid for or I am going to meet someone special.
  2. I suggested dim sum.
  3. I hardly join their company of hangouts 98% of the time.
So, today at 0830hours, I drove down to Klang to meet them for dim sum breakfast buffet. It turned out to be the place where "un-know" was gathering too. This would provide an opportunity for us to see a fiery youth of un-know taking. Fortunately he and his went to a conference hall while we had our halal dim sum.

I tried to play it cool in front of my church friends but within I felt rather excited and jackoon at the same time. How rare is it that I could take anything I want without fearing the consequences of adding the numbers on the bill. The dish above is made personally just for me right in front of my eyes using my own hands.

The next picture shows how the table looked like after the dim sum has been cleaned by some male members of church for the 70th time. And the waiters, God bless them, came to the our tables like flies to, er... waste, after each round to make way for vicious cycle of gluttony.

The whole session ended after what seemed like an eternity later (1100hours). We rolled ourselves out with our bulging slightly belly. We went on our ways after a brief typical post-CBC-event/gathering-culture.

The drive home seemed to be the highlight of today's outing. It somehow did not matter that I took the wrong turning or longer route, nor was it how the warmth of the late morning sun was beating onto my skin. Neither was it how quiet the car felt when driving alone, along the empty highway.

It was about being able to drive in the day time to a destination without needing to worry what is going to happen next. It was about being able to sing a tune of a song which keeps playing over and over in my mind with the help of the broken car radio. It was about singing about how great God on a Sunday morning without anyone prompting. It was about keeping cool with help of the breeze coming in through the car through the open window.

It felt great. Yes, currently my life's greatest irony: The idea of being able to be enjoy and be free.


17 July 2007


Laugh, please do.

Hey there, what's with thee?
Are you stress?
Or are you just free?
Follow me and I will cheer you up.
I will be the monkey,
You the tree.

Together we be silly,
Dancing and singing off key.
People can shake their head in sympathy,
Or join us for some fun.
It will be lucky if they give money!

Hey, don't feel sorry.
As long as you are happy,
Smiling and feeling chirpy,
That's the way it should be.


05 June 2007

Two and Twelve

Two of the hardest SMSes I have ever sent this month (don't think I will be sending any more tough ones soon)
  1. To apologise to a friend for making a very bad joke, and not make the situation get any worst. Well, it seems like it worked.
  2. To compliment another about sharing her testimony while trying to sound casual and not hitting on her.
The scariest thing is receiving 12 SMSes in one day.. sorry, 10 hours, from a girl I don't quite know. Yeah, silly of me to exchange phone numbers but we all came from the same secondary school. How? How?

Well... it has been peaceful now... with occasional terror from the old secondary school girl...

26 May 2007

Laptop and Long Day

I drove to my usual spot and parked it there so I could hop onto the bus to work. Knowing that my carry on (which incidentally look like a laptop bag) would be very heavy, I decided to remove my laptop from my bag and place it under the car seat.

Quickly, I locked the car door and ran towards the bus stop, not wanting to miss the bus. Of course, being me, I would do a quick check list to see if I have left out anything crucial like turning off the car light, etc. Yes, I did left the car lights on the whole day once and that was also a very, very long day, and night.

The bus came and I got on. Just as I was about to settle down for the journey, I remembered that the central locking my old junk (car) no longer exist. And before that I made a mistake of not locking the car door at the passenger side.

That, was not my first time that I left my car unlocked. It was perfectly safe because nothing really important was left inside. This time, it wasn't the same.

Thus, the beginning of a long day of worries and more worries. I did ask God to look after my car. And imagine all possible scenarios as to what are the probabilities of someone passing by might open the car door, or look in, or break in, or search through a old junk, etc. And at the end, all is not well, base on assumed probabilities of bad events.

Somehow I managed to got past worrying and managed to get to work the rest of the day. Long story short, my laptop was safe when I got back to my car.

I suppose trusting someone invisible or you have never seen is really hard. Hah.. even Jesus said so to Thomas. I believe my God is kind and merciful and He would let His Son call upon 12 legions of angels at His disposal. Even to save my laptop?

I am still learning. Slowly and gradually as I learn more to trust God more and more...



p.s. I am not desperate, I am just making fun of my availability. And no lah, this is not a HINT...

09 May 2007


Love Hurts
Dr. House: This is a mistake. I don't know how to have casual conversation. You think you're talking about one thing, and either you are and it's incredibly boring, or you're not because it's subtext and you need a decoder ring.

Eve (Paraphrased): It is easy to leave when things are going bad. But it is hard to leave when things are great.

You will be missed, sigh...

25 April 2007


Lets Just Say It's Not Me (short for Me) was talking to Some Girl You Do Not Know In US (short for Her) in the midst of a instant messaging (MSN) conversation (paraphrased).

Me: Hey, I am back, did you reply? Sorry, there was a power outage. (Internet got disconnected)
Her: hahah.. lousy lah, stop chewing on the wires.
Me: not my teeth lah, more like my fingers
Her: then, don't chew the wires with your fingers, or don't let your fingers chew the wires. ?
Me: no lah, I passed by my boss' office and found out that he was sitting in the dark.
Her: meditating?
Me: no, eating
Her: what?
Me: yeah, so I asked him what why he did not switch on the light. he said that it will trip.
Me: and i think he asked me to try to switch on and see if it does or not, and so i did. the lights flickered for a while and poof! No power.

Her: people bring light to other people, but you bring darkness!
Me: =P

One of the clerk who happened to be there throughout the whole incident asked Me if he was happy as he managed to trip the power for the entire site building. Yup, that was the most embarrassing few seconds of his.

On other things, the past few days (feels like weeks) has been a roller coaster... sigh...

Youth Celebration is coming up! Hmmm... Feel like having cole slaw suddenly


13 April 2007

Turning Point

This week is not the same as it has been before. I might be lose my internet connection, privilege to use my handphone due to security reasons; my afternoon nap times and sanity due to increasing workload.

What is worst is that when someone does not take responsibility for doing their jobs properly, there will be a lot of flies flying around. You lousy swallows! You are supposed to eat your food and not let it fly around! It is not good when your food comes and mix with my food. Feels a little odd don't you think?

But hey, not to worry! These are kampung (village) flies. They are cleaner than city flies. Says the canteen operator. Why? because there is not as much pollution as the city.

Heh.. He did not mention that DBKL brings their merchandise in rubbish truck loads to a location not too far away from my work place. Yeah, so much for working in an oil palm estate. Maybe the canteen operator was polite enough to not mention it during one of our meals in the site canteen.

Now, there is a fly in my office. And it is bugging me...



03 April 2007

Busy day

Things that I have done today includes:
  • Attend a lunch meeting
  • Contact and correspond with a manager
  • Made important phone calls
  • Arrange appointments
  • Respond to e-mails
  • Check e-mail
  • Converse with other colleagues
  • Provided professional opinion
  • Contact a potential partner for a project
  • Online research
And this are not even related to practical training. *Grumble... I am a little too free. I mean there are some tasks to do here and there, but it is all done within minutes.

This is what happens when the client cannot afford to pay the main contractor. Then all the jobs in the construction site slows down and there is not much progress. A formula is here for all to learn. You can use this on your friends or kids or students or colleagues or...

No Work = No Progress = No Problemo

Notes on other event: Nothing interesting happened in the canteen today. But nearly a week back, a fly fell into my near-empty glass of leong char. Yeah. They all like to die a watery death eh?

Next up. More fly stories...

28 March 2007


His mission was as crucial as any mission he has ever took. It was a matter of life and death. Searching for a ever changing landscape for fresh supplies. The pilot, equipped with the best sensors he could get, took off as soon as he was ready.

The landscaped below has somehow rearranged itself in a new order, but that did not stumped the pilot as it was the tactic of the enemy of his land. Immediately, his sensors, fine-tuned over many generations, gone wild detecting many different types of supply. Seven to be exact.

After flying around a couple of times, the pilot decided it was worth the risk to get a close up. From high on the pilot took a sharp dive and head towards the supplies. He knows that his enemies has detected him. Though many times more superior, they are no match to his amazing agility and experience.

The pilot stayed focus on his mission. He scouts for a safe landing spot near the supplies. He makes a big round and starts to land.

He is hit! An unidentified object which looks like a missile hits him off the sky. The pilot crashed into the sea.

Quickly he tried swimming to safety, but the more he struggled, the more water he takes in. In the end, it was all over.

The enemy then cried, "Hey, there is a fly in the mushroom dish!"

20 March 2007

More Work

OK, so I misjudged in the past on how much work I would be getting in future. It seems like my boss/colleagues/sub-ordinates/canteen workers/nature have some grand master plan of working me to death. The past two weeks was just a preview on how fun it could be working.

Today, I have done so many things. That includes having:
  • a 5 course lunch in the site canteen
  • trying not to fall asleep during a meeting
  • killing 4 mozzies and 1 fly
  • draw buildings on the computer
  • trying to sound somewhat important
It is almost the end of the day. Here is something for people who are interested in clicking on something. I like listening to this it. And thank goodness I have headphones. =)

Cheers.. more to come when I free =)

13 March 2007


Lots, I have. But my brain can't function after lunch. I am slowly regaining the use of my brain. Disjointed eh?

I have been visiting this blog on and off since last year. And every time I went back there she writes something which I would go "wow, my brain never thought of it that way before." I am always tempted to leave a comment but somehow I could never think of anything intelligent. Sad huh?

This blog entry of hers just really set it off. It was about how she became a Christian. And somehow that warrant a respond from a Catholic.

I do not know man, I thought being a Christian is all about knowing the true Loving God and how Christ redeemed us by His blood. And all we have to do is live a life of blessing and being an ambassador to Christ's kingdom.

If going to heaven to be with God needs one to sit an entrance exam of theology and Sainthood, I would be packing my bag for hell already.

Of course, Jesus would have helped me through the test, that hell thing won't happen and we will live happily ever after. Correct me if I am wrong. I need to know God first and foremost. Theology can come later to explain God's reasoning.

Now, my brain has functioned beyond capacity. Time to shut down and read more things. Cheers!

Interesting sight of the day: Man adds tau youw / pak yauw / light sauce, lots and lots, into maggie mee soup.

09 March 2007

How to Sleep AND not Get Scolded

Disclaimer: This is NOT a guide on taking the easy way out but for your info only.

Introduction: I have started working from a 9 or approximately 10 to 5.30 or 7 in the evening basis because of my practical training / industrial training / industrial attachment. It requires me to wake up at about 06.15 and drag my feet until 06.30 before brushing my teeth. Leave the house by 0700 or suffer the penalties of traffic jam.

Since I have a bad habit of sleeping only after 12am, 6 or less hours asleep a day will kill in the long run. So here, is a way to sleep and not get scolded at work, especially by your boss. It will require a lot of preparation on your part and may not guarantee results.

  1. Find a job
  2. Find a job which requires you to travel in between different area.
  3. Find a good boss.
  4. Travelling must be more than 10 minutes to be worth while, try 50 minutes like mine.
  5. Don't be the driver, let your boss, office driver, colleague(s) be.
  6. Choose a comfortable seat in the car.
  7. Get in the car and fall asleep as fast as possible. Otherwise they will start talking to you and you will miss your chance.
  8. At work, find out if there is any thing to do. Otherwise find a cozy spot and fall asleep.
  9. Make good friends with your colleagues (and boss if possible). They will encourage you to sleep if they think you need one.
Voila. Of course, all of these can work provided you don't drink coffee or have already considered all affecting variables. Have to go soon, my bed.. I mean, transport back to the HQ is coming soon.


p.s. I have been reading some online articles instead of sleeping today. Sensitive stuff but more or less insightful and helpful for us all (maybe not all).

08 March 2007


I was sitting all alone,
In front of the computer,
Just behind a curtain of plans,
In a small little room,
At the corner of the office building,
Shielding me from the sight of my colleagues.
With nothing to do,
And imagination is the limit,
My eyes will be staring,
My mind wonders.
The temptation is great,
I struggle to hold back,
With every bit of will power,
That is left remaining.
To just use the computer to surf the net, chat and slack.
Whoopss... I did..

Next, how to sleep in front of your boss and NOT get into trouble.

26 February 2007

Woah.. (Pic)

Thanks for reminding that I am growing older and wider. Yes, I still think the petrol vouchers is still the best present. No, I really appreciate the presents you guys gave me, a good guess it is. Yes, remember to not get me those really elaborate t-shirts with really fancy design. Can't imagine how odd I would look.

To those who did not send me an sms on my birthday but did remember, thank you very much! You save me RM 0.07 to RM 0.15 per sms depending on the telco you are on. Yes, I am cheapskate. Yes, I will reply your sms even when I have RM 10 left for 20 days.

BUT, thank you all for remembering and being such a blessing to me too! If I have forgotten to thank you, do ask me out for lunch or dinner and I will gladly meet you.


22 February 2007


Amongst the cries of many well wishers, her silence was deafening...


08 February 2007

Tripple booking

  1. Give in to pressure by the committee who organised a BBQ trip to the seaside for college's winners of some grand competition on Saturday afternoon.
  2. Succumb to pleadings of a pretty (petite) lady to attend a reunion where you can see all the former prefects of yesteryears and lots of lots of juniors (still in high school) in their once-in-a-life-time-can-wear-something-really-nice dresses on Saturday evening.
  3. Submit to life's norm of not-turning-down-a-21-year-old-b'day-girl's invitation to a party on Saturday evening.
That? was last year, when life was so much more complicated and I did not use my organiser to plan out dates properly.

This year's New Year Resolution is to be more organise and able to plan out events properly. Or so I thought. I nearly did the same thing again. Luckily, only to find out how close I was to agreeing to attend three different events again, starting at almost the same time. 2 farewell parties and 1 friend's "house warming" ;)

So much for trying to use my organiser as part of my dust collection.

25 January 2007


Woo... burn babe, burn! I am a lot stronger than 98˚! I am running a little hotter than that. Yup, so much for wanting to be normal.

I am hoping and praying it not dengue. You can't get it twice right? But, I think there are four types of viruses which causes dengue...

So here goes: Oh, MIGHTY GOD! Praise your holy name. The one who forgives all sins, the one who heals all sickness! (Psalms 103:1-3, edited unshamefully by me)

Woohoo!! Prepare the way for great testimony!

Author is insane due to high fever. Please, bear with him when he recovers.

19 January 2007

Coming up...

How NOT to design a letter box. Coming to this blog when the author is super free and has his tired feet rested.

15 January 2007


One of the more highly sophisticated insult I have received so far from an unexpected simpleton: Brainless Retard


Welcome back to a certain Yim from Melbourne, Aus. More links to click on if you like =)

08 January 2007

Combo B'day

What I meant was church combo celebration (CCC) and Caryn's B'day. Yesterday news, todays headline. Reminds me of one title which goes: Fire fighter fights fire with fire in fire fight - Broken News.

Yesterday was a little hectic, in an odd way. Morning service was held in Tropicana - the land of the quite rich. The first Combine service in many moons, and the message for us all is: We are Family, and we need to walk down the same ROAD, facing the same DIRECTION and towards the same GOAL. And our guide is JESUS, son of the I AM.

Not me

Sounds great. That means we are in for something really big and would require the whole church to get off our love sit and start moving. Sigh...

Other news include Caryn becoming a year wiser. Amazing time for a girl who has super x-ray vision who eyesight penetrates through chaos to see the true heart of many people. Yup, glad to know that someone is out there taking care of the careless. Someone, save her!

Prayer for b'day girl to prosper

OK, enough rantings.. go pretend to do some work.

07 January 2007

Wedding in Jan

Sure.. no good pictures taken. But, it is the union of Mr and Mrs Soo. God Bless them. =)