26 May 2007

Laptop and Long Day

I drove to my usual spot and parked it there so I could hop onto the bus to work. Knowing that my carry on (which incidentally look like a laptop bag) would be very heavy, I decided to remove my laptop from my bag and place it under the car seat.

Quickly, I locked the car door and ran towards the bus stop, not wanting to miss the bus. Of course, being me, I would do a quick check list to see if I have left out anything crucial like turning off the car light, etc. Yes, I did left the car lights on the whole day once and that was also a very, very long day, and night.

The bus came and I got on. Just as I was about to settle down for the journey, I remembered that the central locking my old junk (car) no longer exist. And before that I made a mistake of not locking the car door at the passenger side.

That, was not my first time that I left my car unlocked. It was perfectly safe because nothing really important was left inside. This time, it wasn't the same.

Thus, the beginning of a long day of worries and more worries. I did ask God to look after my car. And imagine all possible scenarios as to what are the probabilities of someone passing by might open the car door, or look in, or break in, or search through a old junk, etc. And at the end, all is not well, base on assumed probabilities of bad events.

Somehow I managed to got past worrying and managed to get to work the rest of the day. Long story short, my laptop was safe when I got back to my car.

I suppose trusting someone invisible or you have never seen is really hard. Hah.. even Jesus said so to Thomas. I believe my God is kind and merciful and He would let His Son call upon 12 legions of angels at His disposal. Even to save my laptop?

I am still learning. Slowly and gradually as I learn more to trust God more and more...



p.s. I am not desperate, I am just making fun of my availability. And no lah, this is not a HINT...

09 May 2007


Love Hurts
Dr. House: This is a mistake. I don't know how to have casual conversation. You think you're talking about one thing, and either you are and it's incredibly boring, or you're not because it's subtext and you need a decoder ring.

Eve (Paraphrased): It is easy to leave when things are going bad. But it is hard to leave when things are great.

You will be missed, sigh...