30 October 2005


My dinner today was at 15minutes to 9. There was no one to cook for me, so I had to go out to hire one. Took my new chef to cook one Nasi Goreng USA (USA fried rice? why do they call that?) around 5 minutues to cook my lovely dinner (which did not turn out as nice as it sounds.) and it cost me RM5. In the end, I had to eat leftpver curry (of 2 weeks I think) with some bread to really keep me happy.

It is not a balance diet. And some of my nutritionists friends would scream in horrow over my bad selection. It is oily, filled with carbon from the frying wok, high in calories, low in vitamin C, tasteless, has green peas and chicken drumstick is so skinny.

I love a good meal with all the necessary nutrient at the right time, but it seems like a twisted fate that I have to eat an imbalance diet for the past few weeks or so and eating at the wrong time.

Of course, I get to eat whenever I want, except for dinner which I have to eat with my family. It is just that sometimes when you are caught up with work, or you totally missed the breadman van or your class starts at the wrong time with no hope of getting a break in between.

When you finally overcome all the big obstacles, the first thing you want to do is eat anything that is being served no matter how many odd colours there are in the dish you have ordered. Same applied for what happened today, but not as bad.

For preventive measure, say a prayer and thank God for the food, get Him to sanctify the food or risk having a tummy ache with indigestion or something along that line. OK, that happened not too long ago, I was being adventurous.

So, here you are. If you are interested in the meaning of eating and its significance, read this. It is actually quite interesting.

Till then, chow!

p.s. This post was inspired by both her and the stomach.

23 October 2005

Turning back

I guess I made a mistake when I posted the last entry. And I would like to change my attitude towards things. I am also sorry for causing any misunderstanding or hurt on my part.

I got a wakeup call when someone commented about my post yesterday. And another even stronger wakeup call after watching a play about Christians' marriage to the Church.

I think, as someone who yearns to hear from God and be taught of His ways each day, it is my duty not to turn down people who are in need of help even if it means listening to their problems all the time.

But what is duty with bad attitude? Hmm.. through the message I got from the play was that it is equivalent to not caring at all.

So, from today onwards, I pray that this new attitude of listening will stay for eternity. God was willing to listen to me, so should I be willing to listen.

22 October 2005


Everyone is this world is a little troubled, quite troubled, and very troubled all the time. But some seem to be so happy while others would show feelings in words or on their face. The best thing about technology now is some people do it online by displaying it on their blog, e-mail or even on their display names in chat rooms.

Do take note that I am not here to insult or make fun of anyone. I just want to point out sometimes I feel so helpless when talking to these people. I just do not know what to say because I would not be able to help them in anyway (to even feel better).

I have several friends who always seem to get into trouble with the world or things just doesn't seem to be lovely. They do complain about things that everyone face. And they do it very well.

Some would not complain, but would put up messages or signs about how their heart is slowly breaking, or are crying painfully when they sleep because they feel lonely. Some would beat themselves up by saying "I feel so useless" and so forth.

When you are ask them what happened, they will tell you that it is a small thing. These are people who always complain to you about things they are not happy or dissatisfied about.

I bet some are a little confused about what I am trying to say here. The truth is, so am I!

Yes, I have problems myself. Yes, we need to be aware of the problems we are facing so we could deal with it. No, we should not dwell on every single problem in our life every single minute that we are aware of it. And no, we should not use our colourful vocabulary to describe all our problems too.

The truth is, there is more to life than our very imperfection. If we look at how life sucks, then it is really overwhelming. Friends can only do so much as to offer their ears to listen. But be warn that even the best ears can go deaf if used to often.

Think! Think of ways you can overcome your problem, even if it means crawling back to God or humbling yourself. Your constant tearing can only make fungus grow on people's shirt, which brings more trouble in the end.

OK, OK. To summarise, read the two paragraphs before these. This does not mean that I do not want to listen to you if you have problems. I am willing to lend an ear and a hand if applicable. But don't cry and make it sound like it is the end of the world. The world does not need another catastrophe.

20 October 2005


For those who know the course I take do not have as many written exams as compared to the rest of the world (except for those cooking char kwey teow and wan tan mee). Many people would ask if when my finals would be and I would have to remind them that there isn't any.

But this term, I have a theory subject. And it is a heavy one. I have to learn how much soil much I have before I can plant my floor nicely. How deep my column must be or it would swing with the wind... you get the drift. My first paper in a very long time is finally coming and it is tomorrow.

Now, that is not the nightmare I am talking about. My test is an open book test.

The real nightmare I had has Walt in it. Nope, he is not the scary one.

Knowing the kind of person I am, I have decided to study at least two days before it. And all seem well. Suddenly, Walt appeared and asked me like what good friends would always ask: how much have you studied?
Me: Just started, why?
Walt: What? Still got two more days and you just started? I took 10 days just to glance through it!
Me: ... I don't want to fail!! NOoooOOoOOo......

And I woke up drenched in sweat. OK, that was a scene in a movie I want to watch. But it was still horrible! The fact that I would fail really scare me.

But as my breathing calmed down, I realised that Walt is studying engineering while I am doing an easier course than him. Why shoul I worry for something that engineers specialise in and architects just laugh at?

Anyway, I better get some real work done. Otherwise the my nightmare would become real.

All the best to all SPM, STPM, Nutritionists, Engineers, Marketing and Sales, Doctors, Mass Commist, Psychologists, Char Kwey Teoh fryer and anyone else in between... who will be taking a paper soon. God bless you all!

p.s. All those not taking test, also be blessed too!

Two Asian Beauties

These two Asian women deserve a special mention here. Yup, by looking at them, you would be able to recognise both of them immidiately. One is Nicol David, who won the British Open on Monday by beating some unknown (OK, I only know Nicol in her sports and Ong Beng Hee). Being a Malaysian, I am proud of her great achievement. (For more info, here!)

According to a friend who used to play squash with her, Nicol runs around the court faster than you can blink properlly. Sigh, that is the only connection I have with her... *looks admiringly

Picture by Alan Tan from Lensapix

The other one, who did not do well, but still a chick, I mean a good sportswoman is Michelle Wie from America. The other reason why she deserves a mention here is because she is just turned 16 last week (?) and she is now playing Pro-Golf. Plus, she is Asian.

At this tender age, she is almost a millionaire and a 6 footer! Don't get me wrong when I said she did not do well. Or else she would not have played Pro. She just made an innocent mistake which made her look bad in her otherwise 4th place finishing in her pro debut.

Picture by REUTERS

Sharks.. I just spent so much time blogging on people I do not know, or least likely going to meet in real person. Back to reality it is for me. *with satisfactory smile :)

13 October 2005


This is my second time trying to write this entry. The first time was in the morning yesterday. I wrote it halfway before realising that I have no idea what I am talking about. Could I be writing an entry for the sake of writing? Hopefully not.

This week, I introduced my blog to my friend. After a while, she mentioned that it is good to have a reason or a purpose for this blog. That got me thinking a little, have I for the past few thousand entries have been true to the purpose of this blog?

This blog's original purpose was to inspire, to bring humour and to enlighten readers about how a Christian brother is living life (of which the first two I do not know how to do). If I did hold fast to the original purpose, did I do it properlly or half heartedly? And how did the readers respond to the entries?

Yes, it seems like I would need to hire a marketing analyst for my blog. But I am not going to do that. I need to spend my time worrying about other things like my thining hair and my pillow. I always seem to get it locked in my parents room at night (another long story).

No amount of worrying would solve problems. I guess I would seriously need to evaluate all my future entries. I will try to make as much sense as possible in future, promise!

At the moment, there are several things I really need:
  • A construction site where I can go take pictures of building structures.
  • A book on Traditional Korean Architecture - there are none even in the Korean Embassy! blewh..
  • More quality quiet time
  • A long, long holiday with one or two person
  • To bless some people who have been very nice to me by offering me rides and printer and teaching me and guiding me and...
Yeah, should be fun doing all of those stuff.

11 October 2005

Amazing prayer

I might be taking things from God for granted. But all these while, He has been very good to me and my family. Praying is something that I am not very good at. I seldom do it now since the fasting month ended on the 31st of August. I do pray, at least I try. Praying is not that frequent too. But when a prayer is made, God surely moves.

Like the other day in April when I drove to Cherating with several of my church mates for our Church camp with bad tires and invisible road tax for the car. We did not get into trouble with the wet weather and the local authorities (police, which happened to set a road block about 250m from our camp site). We could have gotten into lots of trouble no doubt, but God's grace is there.

Now, there is another story to it. It may not as dramatic as the former, but still as amazing as God itself. While we drove to Cameron Highland for the weekend, the engine of the truck we drove just died after turning right at the traffic light from the toll in Simpang Pulai.

Guessing it was just the alternator problem that caused the battery to run flat, my dad contacted the truck's manufacturer to get a local mechanic to replace the battery. However, even the replacement did not solve the problem. But an ingenious trick got the truck to start up again.

Otherwise, we would be stuck in Simpang Pulai (about 10km south of Ipoh) and our weekend trip would be cancelled.

All things were as normal until we arrived home on Sunday evening. That is when the truck finally gave up for good.

How can this be explained? Hmm.. not very well. But even if it is a mechanical problem, God's grace must have been there. If it wasn't for Him, we would have been a new resident of Simpang Pulai roadside or Cameron Highland.

And all of these because of a simple prayer made before the trip.


On the 8th of October, I travelled up to Camerons with my family for a vacation/business trip. It was an interesting trip filled with many unexpected turn of events. For those who like stats, here are some for you:
  • Places been through: Subang - Simpang Pulai - Berinchang - Tanah Rata - Beringchang - Simpang Pulai - Shah Alam - Subang
  • No. of times truck failed to start: 2
  • No. of car battery changed: 1
  • No. of stops along Simpang Pulai and Berinchang: at least 3 to take pictures
  • No. of future landslide sites passed by: A lot
  • Name of hotel stayed: Equatorial, Berinchang
  • Cost of apartment suit after subsidies: RM80
  • No. of rooms in apartment suit: 2
  • No. of free drinks while waiting for room to be ready way after check in time: 4
  • No. of breakfast coupons for occupants: None! none!! NONE!!
  • Cost of meal for one day in Cameron Highland for four: RM127
  • No. of years dad has been working on a case in Cameron Highland: 12 years
  • Age of writter: 20 years
  • No. of times it rain while being in Cameron Highland: 3 times
  • Distant driven by writer on the way down from Cameron Highland to Simpang Pulai: at least 70km
  • No. of cars writer overtook on the winding road: 2
  • No. of 2 tonne trucks which overtook driver while doing 70km on winding road: 1
  • No. of accident seen on the trip: 1
  • No. of tow-truck seen: 5
Yup, it gives some kind of picture of things happened throughout the whole trip. It is one trip that I enjoyed and want to go back again. Hopefully then I will have enough money for the food, and rememeber to bring a jacket.

Oh, a few more stats.
  • No. of pics taken throughout the whole trip: 125.
  • Location of people missed in the trip: Australia, Phillipines, Singapore and Subang Jaya

07 October 2005

Lovely models (pic)

There was a presentation on Tuesday to show off out models after two weeks of hard work. Our models are houses (recreational or living) on which we design for our clients, ranging from Micheal Jordan to Jacky Chan. From Kenny G. to the average Joe.

The end result? You be the judge ;)

The first two pics (left and bottom), is for Zainal Abidin. Nature lover

This house (left) is for Vaneasa Mae, violinist who likes having parties but still prefers simple life and lots of privacy.

Below: corridor leading to the guest house. Pretty need, but a "contractor" was hired to get it done.

This house is a vacation house for Jacky Chan and his family of dunno how many hundreds. The design is supposedly inspired by dragons from both East and West.

House for Kenny G and his family of 4. The building is on stilts but supposedly to be not more than one storey high. Sliding door will be one of the main features of this house to allow better viewing of nature.

House for Elizabeth Hurley and her son. The only house design to be partially over lake for the best view.

House of a average Joe who is a pilot and his family of 3. Another unique house design with one floor only but with two different structure. Plus a beautifully made car porch.

This is one of the nicest model I have seen. For a Korean singer/dancer. Simple double storey with flat roof and a big balcony! hmm.. cool!

So, guess, which is mine? No price for winning.

p.s. I did not take picture for the house which was meant for Micheal Jordan. I was too sleepy at that time. :(

05 October 2005


Flies - an insect in rival for publicity in recent times after losing out to the aedes mosquito.

Although less irritating compared to a mosquito, it is still a threat to my well being. So annoying it is that after many years of technological breakthrough in trying to zap or splat the fly, its cohorts still manage to find ways to buzz around just to get your attention.

Here are some of the methods I have used in my 20 years experience.
  1. simple hand clapping method: never got around to mastering it. The flies are usually faster than my brain can register. Neither could I bare the idea of touching a fly, dead or alive. So, the clapping method did not succeed.
  2. Fly swater: A very useful and cheap tool. Can get it at a local store for less than RM5. Although it works as fine as your hand, but the results it yields is way better as you can strike from a further distant. With this tool is which I had the most kill.
  3. Electrically-charged Fly swater: Technology upgrade. Rather silly idea because it still depends on your hand work, but fun more the less especially after the kill. I once used to catch semi-conscious flies and put it on this fly swater to see sparks. But that was only once, honest! (battries not included)
  4. Leg-stepping method: Not really practical, but still fun. Legs are not as agile as your hands. But the satisfaction of squishing flies with legs are higher than of the hand. How often do you get to brag about killing flies with your legs (without the killer smell of course)? Shoes and semi-concious flies required.
  5. Windscreen: Works if you are driving through summer time in Australia or place full of ermm.. waste. Yes, the windscreen is very useful especially when you are driving very fast. The flies (or any thing) that cannot fly away fast enough will be sucked into the windscreen. Not very beautiful, but it works.
  6. Knife: Yup, it works. Unless getting hungry while working late at night seriously affect my visual senses. This one happened when I was spreading peanut butter on my bread and a fly landed on it. Being sensible, I tried shaking it hoping it would fly, it did not. Fearing that the fly would turn at me for disturbing its meal, I quickly slam the bread shut and squash it using the knife. Hmm.. so much for supper. Maybe the killer weapon is the bread?
There you go, it has all be proven to work. Next, how to clean up after the "incident"

04 October 2005


Good Morning! There goes another alarm on my handphone to wake me up. Thank God for all these technologies. With one device, I can set up to 5 or more alarms to ring at intervals so that I would not fall back to sleep!

I am about to start an epic journey to finish my presentation that is due in 10 hours and less. My brain tells me to finish my work, but I insisted on blogging.

It won't take long, this entry would be a short one. Just want to tell people who come by a few things about me just yet ;) and what I am feeling at the moment.
  1. Hungry
  2. Missing some people
  3. Mood slightly elevated
  4. A little hungry
  5. Somewhat sleepy
  6. Rather paranoid over a phone call
  7. Wanting a full meal with family
  8. Very blessed!
  9. Thankful!
Yeah, you can see I am a little crazy at the moment. My regards to all of those who come by to visit. I might throw in a hug too! Thank you for all the moments a prayer you have given. God bless you all!

Jesus's loves us! blehehehehe...