23 October 2006

What a Sunday!

Here, in brief of what happened today.
  • Went to church.
  • Bribe the kids with chocolates and mints which was meant for her to keep quiet and be obedient.
  • Fan bullied me
  • Stranger came to church looking for pastor. Had to call Ps. Mal to come all the way from Puch to counsel him.
  • Double Cheeseburger (only) lunch cost RM5.53 (tax included)!!!!! *grumble. For more outdated info, visit here.
  • Went back to church to take a nap. Background noise includes Ps. Mal still conseling stranger and constant car raving.
  • Indonesians came to church for their service. Started at 1830 till 2100hours. Concert with short sermon. Really, really blessed!!
  • God answered my prayer: Indonesians gave me some of their food!! :)
  • Droped by Eu's house, trying to redeem myself for forgetting her day with chocolates and cake.
  • Came home played Defcon with some gwai loh from Miami, Fl, US of A, unintentionally. Wanted to play with comp. But press wrong button. :P
  • Blogged!
Oh, one more thing. Try to guess what does GBU stand for. A nice cold drink for the first person to get it right (free hugs included upon request).

17 October 2006

Mr Lee

Dear Mr Lee from Singapore,

I know this is a little late, but you must realised that what you have said with some "people" has caused a stir in my place. And as you said later on, it made some guys really, really, REALLY, realllllyyyy uncomfortable. It is true that you speak of facts, but this open secret of ours should not be discussed or even mentioned at all.

Why? Because these guys believe that it will make us not happy. Sure, they did give us a lot of opportunity to "express" and "improve" ourselves by limiting us and giving our pies to their group. We NEED to help them too since we happened to be in this.

Let us not get in to too many details. These guys think we are not mature enough to discuss "certain" issues without becoming too emotional. You get my drift?

Don't worry too much for us. We will survive. If we do need your help, we will come down to visit you. Just tell your friends to be nice to us because we survived longer. =)


06 October 2006

THIS is!

SO sorry Matt. The link I was looking for could not be found anymore. So this is the copy I saved on my comp.

But this is it. Isn't she cute? Matt got this pic in the British Open early August this year.

If she is cute and happy, I am too :P

01 October 2006

Living by faith

It is funny how God reminds us how to live our life depending on Him all the time. All my Christian life (until now, mind you I am still a young one :] ), I still have trouble believing that God is larger than the situation I am facing. Pastor Mal was preaching on living life by faith this Sunday morning and yup, it is God passing His reminder on me again.

The other day, I skipped my usual Friday Church meeting so I can help out in the Mooncake Festival helping my college organised. Brilliant event which has so much potential to explode into chaos, which did not (this story for another time). By the time I managed to escape the clutches of after party cleanup Kwee (my friend) and I quickly ran home, hoping to catch the next possible bus back to Sub.

By the time we reached there, it was nearly 22.50 and there was no bus in sight. Asking the bus operator revealed that we will have to wait for the last bus (at 23.30) to take us home. Now, the plot thickens - I need to take a connecting bus into USJ (last bus at 0.00) or else I will have to pretend to be homeless for a night.

All those time I have always wondered if the 23.30 bus will be able to make to Sub in time. I guess the bus operator was trying to reassure me everytime I asked.

Finally, we got onto the bus and slowly rumbled through the night along LDP 23.32 onwards.

When my friend finally got off at his stop, I was alone in the bus, at the mercy of the not-so-happy-looking bus driver. When my stop came, I quickly got off and ran toward the connecting bus at 23:57. The smilling bus driver told me that the lucky fellow I am did not miss this bus to PJ Utama.

"PJ? But, but.." "Oh, it is ok, I can drop you somewhere near by (while you figure how you get to your place)" "errr.. Ok, thanks"

So off I got a few stops later waiting at the side of the road feeling a little nervous. The next few minutes was pretty tense. I was in a delima, I could call sis to come or grab a taxi or play with the stray dog. I prayed to God a little and that calmed me, giving a little assurance that a bus will come grab me.

Sure enough, 5 years later a bus came and stole me away from the dark, lonliness of the night (sure, the was oddly a lot of traffic at that time).

Yeah, I managed to get home alright. =)

Thanks for reading. Will try to update soon. Till then, Cheers!