15 December 2005

Past, present, future..

So many things happened yet so little time. It is day four of 14 of deadline season. Everything that is due is either dued or going to be.

In the midst of such craziness, I went for this superbly interesting, marvelous, Christ powered, miracle filled Youth camp of mine, met people from other parts of the world, I turned down invitations to free lunch, dinner and movie, I will be working throughout the weekend to finish my work, I am going to shift into a new house by Sunday, I might not be able to present my work nicely, I might just scarpe through my remaining week of holiday before the new term starts on the 2 of January 2006.

Now, is that not interesting? Would I be able to finish all my work on time? Would a comet, meteorite, car, stone crash land and burn my homework? Would a super chun and helpful person come and offer to do all my homework? Would I be able to safe Jackhsiung's Christmas? Would I cry for the first time in so many years for not being able to finish my homework? Stay tune for next post...

p.s. Thanks for those who have been praying for me. :)