29 April 2009

Weather. Again

For those who plan to study, work, or live in Tasmania, especially those who come from tropical countries like Malaysia. Be warned.

It is has been so cold here the past few days that you can see the water vapour coming out from your mouth, in my house. Yup. The silly heater I got does not heat up my room. Only my legs. 

It was so cold the past few days that my hands became so stiff that I cannot draw and write my assignments even with the silly heater on. Graahh!!

OK. Time to sleep. In the cold. Thank God for really effective quilts and the lovely sweaters available. Hehe..


20 April 2009

Food for Thought..

Girl housemate (GH): You guys eat a lot!
Boy housemate (BH): No lah, we eat like usual!
Me: ...
GH: You guys eat like cows like that, the portion I eat is less than yours. Mostly vegetable like deer.
BH: But both eat grass.
GH: Where got? Cows eat grass and worms. Deer eat leaves only.
Me: Cow eat worms? Aren't they parasites?
GH: Yeah, in the end they are still eaten by the cows, right?
BH: Doesn't the deer eat grass too? Then the "worms" will enter its stomach mah.
GH: Deer where got eat grass? They eat leaves only. And don't have worms one.
BH: ...
Me: ...
- - - - - - - - Q & A - - - - - - - - 
1. Do cows eat "worms"?
2. What constitutes as eating?
3. Can one intentionally eat something so small? Does that mean we eat bacteria and viruses too?
4. Do we eat "worms"?
Lovely day for thought provoking, mind boggling, mentally challenging questions. Cheers!

12 April 2009


What a nightmare!

I dreamt about her,

The second time since I got here.

It wasn't the type in which I woke up in sweat,

But it is the one filled with the feeling of dread.

In my dream I saw her,

Walking in a dodgy area,

Not somewhere secluded and dark,

But like Genting Highlands theme park.

Holding hands with joy,

It seems like she has a boy.

Everywhere they went,

I followed as close as I can.

Twist and turn in the crowd,

I lost them in the cloud.

High and low I search for her,

For she is someone I hold dear.

In the end I sat in despair,

Because she is not to be found anywhere.

Is this a sign I ponder,

That I lose to someone younger?

That boy is just 12 years old,

Or so I was told.

In my dream I am a loser,

What bummer.

It will be all right. There is Easter bunny and chocolate eggs to munch on. Yumm...

03 April 2009


Dear Naj,

Now, walk your talk. Unless, of course, you are all talk.