20 August 2007

The Beginning of The End

Question: Which is better? Working or Studying?
Answer: Working makes you brain dead; studying causes fatigue.

Five months of practical training/industrial attachment/working part-time/cheap labour/slave trade in two different firms sure is great learning experience. It was a strange experience for me. I supposed that while it is quite a challenge to be working for two (and a half) firms, it is a great learning experience.

One is a construction firm, the other an architecture firm (with a town planning firm/department, hence the half). Both are related to each other, but cover two very different aspects of the same industry.

Which is better? I spent more time in the arch firm than the construction firm. Which happens to be a more healthy option because almost half the guys in the construction firm smokes (in an office with a/c). But hey, who said the construction industry in Malaysia is an easy job (or not corrupted)?

Yes, I know I am getting off tangent. I need to really think before I type. So while I think, here are some pictures for your viewing.

Architect Joke
A: Can I borrow your colour pencil.
B: Don't have it with me lah. But I have it at home
A: Your pencils will be too small lah (pointing at house models)
B: Err... hahahhaha..
*Note: This is where you laugh (uneasily) too

The pictures below are unofficial site visit to Sunway South Quay at night while I have my trusty camera next to me and ample time on hand

Thinking still in progress..

Yup, Cheers!

06 August 2007

Sunday Free

Bizarre news: Having Sunday free from anything.

Yeah, that means no Church, no rushing to somewhere for some event or dinner.

Not entirely true either. I had agreed to a morning breakfast which I suggested the evening before to a group of church people after service. It was rather random on my side because:
  1. I would not have agreed to joining anyone for anything expensive at any given time unless it is paid for or I am going to meet someone special.
  2. I suggested dim sum.
  3. I hardly join their company of hangouts 98% of the time.
So, today at 0830hours, I drove down to Klang to meet them for dim sum breakfast buffet. It turned out to be the place where "un-know" was gathering too. This would provide an opportunity for us to see a fiery youth of un-know taking. Fortunately he and his went to a conference hall while we had our halal dim sum.

I tried to play it cool in front of my church friends but within I felt rather excited and jackoon at the same time. How rare is it that I could take anything I want without fearing the consequences of adding the numbers on the bill. The dish above is made personally just for me right in front of my eyes using my own hands.

The next picture shows how the table looked like after the dim sum has been cleaned by some male members of church for the 70th time. And the waiters, God bless them, came to the our tables like flies to, er... waste, after each round to make way for vicious cycle of gluttony.

The whole session ended after what seemed like an eternity later (1100hours). We rolled ourselves out with our bulging slightly belly. We went on our ways after a brief typical post-CBC-event/gathering-culture.

The drive home seemed to be the highlight of today's outing. It somehow did not matter that I took the wrong turning or longer route, nor was it how the warmth of the late morning sun was beating onto my skin. Neither was it how quiet the car felt when driving alone, along the empty highway.

It was about being able to drive in the day time to a destination without needing to worry what is going to happen next. It was about being able to sing a tune of a song which keeps playing over and over in my mind with the help of the broken car radio. It was about singing about how great God on a Sunday morning without anyone prompting. It was about keeping cool with help of the breeze coming in through the car through the open window.

It felt great. Yes, currently my life's greatest irony: The idea of being able to be enjoy and be free.