28 March 2009

The Weather

When we talk about Australia's weather, we think of heat waves, dry hot sun, low to almost no humidity dessert. Well, those frogs (in the well), would have only thought of the vast desert and forest fires that we hear about in the news (in Malaysia). Poor people who lost things and love ones due to that.
Not in Launceston! It was summer the other way round. Arriving on the last few days of February, the weather was low cast and cold. Same like Melbourne during the two days stopover. Windy and chilly too. If there was a thermometer around, it would say -15˚C. Wait, or is it without the negative sign? 
Anyway, now it is officially autumn (slow news report. It was since 1st March), the wind is even stronger, water is colder, rains more regularly, cloudy and overcast more than sunny. Eh. Yeah. Here is proof. 
Looks like Cameron Highlands eh? Well, on other days, it looks like this.
Yeah, weather extremes relatively compared to Malaysia. Brrr.... Hope it looks like that tomorrow. It is laundry day. No one to wash my clothes for me. And fold it. And keep it..
I need a maid.

08 March 2009


Yes, just started to study here. In Uni Tas.

Autumn just started. Very cold. BbbrrrRRrrrbrr..