08 February 2006

Wazzup (pic)...

Long time ago, there was a boy who would spend a lot of his time writing non-sensical stuff online and no one would read about it. Soon, something bad happened and he no longer wrote again, until one day, someone sprang an oportunity for him, too tempting to say no. And for the first time in many moons, he started writing again.

Oh yeah, be scared. Be very scared... more rubbish is on the way. And the only way to escape is not to come to this web site. Anyway, nothing to report other than the fact that I am growing fat and not going to college.

Blame Chinese New Year, blame good food, blame good cooks. Now there are two cooks in the house. Sis came back from Aussieland and she vows to cook more often. Good news eh?

Anyway, I went up to Penang hill during CNY. Would have taken very nice pics but lousy camera and lousy shaky hands.

evening scene from the top of the hill

Nice lovely garden with lights!

The bridge is not that clear, and the camera is a little shaky.

From another side of the mountain.

Dawn I think. I missed sunrise by being overtly tired. :(

Some ideas for my cooks.

The Mansion/bungalow/big house on top of the hill. Used to belong to the Thai Ambassador a pretty long time ago. Soon, some guy was lucky enough to buy it. Pretty lucky :)

Well, there it is is for now. More to come in future if I am not too lazy to post.