16 August 2006

Two happy things happened

I got a 2.8!

And this from Matt Dunham of AP

Yup... Thank God for the first one. He answered my prayers =)

Thanks Matt for the second one. If someone can find a pic that is large enough for a decent size wallpaper, I would thank that person even more! *hint hint...

More good things are on the way... like getting to have dinner with a good friend on Wed the 16th, August 2006.

Shallow Deep

Deep thoughts, are something I lack. Heck, even to think simple stuff is hard for me. My mind wonders all the time, always seeking the easiest way to explain how things should work. Any more information than the quota allowed, it will flow beyond my mind like a, ermm... a burst pipe. That's right, burst pipe!

I grow up in a family where deep thoughts are common, each individual in the family thinks of different matters which concerns them for long period of time, seeking explanation and solutions. Wishing that I would at least have half that kind of capability, I practise this thought process by wondering what would be the best way to get lunch using the least amount of time and effort.

It won't be long before I make the same decision base on previous experience. Not much thinking required.

Of course, this in turn has a terrible effect on me. Some of it are:
  • eating the same thing from the same place for a long period of time
  • not much of a great conversationist. I rather have people do most of the talking while I chip in a little to make it sound like I am smart enough to understand.
  • bad at self-evaluation, or sitting down quietly to reflect on important issues
  • etc. (see?)
Why am I thinking of these all of a sudden? I am not too sure myself. I was talking to an old school mate online just now and stumbled upon a blog of an ex-collegemate on philosophy of life. The old school mate I talked to was surprised when she found out that I was studying architecture instead of what suited me more like journalism or social science. Sure, it is nice to sound sophisticated and philosophical, but it is dangerous teritory once people found out that you are an expert on bull-dunging.

The other thing was I realised that my ex-collegemate who has a very philosophical outlook of life was rather worried about human civilisation and how inadequet, or meaningless, or how much pretense or how people would eventually fail/lie.

I would jump in and tell her that, God is with us! And there should be no fear in life with Him on our side. And failure is because we are physically and spiritually inperfect due to our sin. However, there is a fear that it would not be enough satisfy her philosophical needs or whatever she thinks it is. (sidenote: I think the Matthew 3 comes in here, when John the Baptist went around baptising people with the simple message of v2."Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near". And that work! Relevance? Do not know. You tell me (grin) )

So coming back to the topic, which I no longer know how to continue because my mind has already overworked, I would like to conclude. If given a chance to be Pinky or Brain, I would rather be Pinky. Yep, dumb yet happy. What would be better is to be happy in the Name of the Lord. That would be a different topic altogether..


14 August 2006


I am never for being constant. This is probably my 120th time I am trying to write an entry but again, I lost inspiration on what to write. Hmmm.. maybe that is my constant. So, here is an update on what I have been trying to occupy my holiday with (in point form).

  • Meeting up with old school friends and church mates. I think I have neglected my college mates. errr...
  • Book reading: Matthew, supposed to read Mark too =P
  • Stufdying: Matthew, and how to set up a secure wireless network for my house
  • Movie/Anime watching: 3 so far in the cinema, another 25 episodes of Bleach, and 26 episodes of Chobits.
  • Said: Not that I can remember but this are two things that stayed in my mind for a long time. Both to dad
Dad: Why is your closet so messy?
Me: Err.. I have not reached there yet.
Dad: What do you mean have not reached there yet? When are you going to finish cleaning your room? December?
Me: No lah, can finish by September.
Dad: Huuh... smart alec, come here!..
Me: run...!!


Dad: If you are perfect like me, then you do not need God.
Me: Then why do you need insurance coverage for your workers?
Dad: (pause)
Me: See like work, God is the best insurance, and gives good assurance too!
Dad: (his classic speechless grin)
Mom: Charm liao (Oh oh..), see your son can outwit you liao..


Fan: you want to watch Lady in the water with us? Or are you too scared?
Me: I can, but I need to ask my mom first!
Fan: Fine, come out with more excuse..
Me: OK, ok. But still have to ask my mom first! (thus little Jack was pressured into watching a movie in which he giggled and laughed all the way although it has a pretty serious message behind it.)

So, once again, I am going to leave this post hanging again with a bad ending. I see another constant here. Cheers!

Note: Most conversation has been paraphrased.

07 August 2006

Love Stories - Introduction

Love, is everywhere. Yup. And mine is exciting as empty flat table collecting dust. Or is it more like molds growing on bread? I do not know.

Not that I am complaining about the lack of love in my life. My life is filled with it, especially from God, family and friends. Also the love for sleeping, watching movie/anime and reading newspaper, and this.. and that..

Today I am telling stories of love from an audience point of view (POV). I have been listening to and watching several stories to share in online. This is what long holidays do to you. So, the first one is the movie: The Break Up by Vince what-his-name and Jennifer Anniston. The show is about how they broke up and wanting to get each other jealous.

Watching it with friends (especially girls when you think it is a romantic comedy) is fun (until you realise that it is anything but). There are lots to learn (from this not-so-romantic drama).

At the end of the movie, the girl (old school friend) sitting next to me jumped on me (not literally) with the question: "Don't you think it is the guy's fault?"

Huh?? I was caught off guard. So to play it safe, I told the girl that it is the guy's fault for being so duh and self-centred, but it is also the dame's fault too for not making it clear to him too. Well, my friend became speachless for a few seconds but still insisted that it was the guy's fault indirectly.

But to think of it, you cannot put the blame entirely on one side. Because relationships are meant to be two ways instead of one. I can boldly tell you that the guy is just plain silly for being self-centred, but would I repeat the same mistake I see? Sure, he had good intentions of being nice and cheering the girlfriend up and yet he did it badly. Sigh... seems like there are so much to learn in a relationship.

However, this is my opinion. I think I wrote with my points all over the place. So please have mercy on me if you are lost. For a clearer picture, please read the Christian POV about this movie.

Enough of POVs for now. Next time lah..


02 August 2006


Things these days come in two. Just to stress this point a little...
  • Two different type of busses needed to travel to Boarders from Subang, via Putra Bus and free shuttle bus from Kelana Jaya station. Did I say the shuttle bus is free?
  • Both bus company offered new time table of new routes (which I picked up because I had nothing to read)
  • The bus is not a friendly place to sleep, even when you think the IKANO shuttle bus is very comfortable - I knocked my head twice (rather painfully) on the window panel when my head fell forward. That fake cushion on the panel? Fake and hard.
  • Boarders (book shop) has two levels and elveators too.
Other things that happened twice are
  • I had to have lunch twice because two different group of friends called at two different time (from the same college)
  • Changed computer twice because of lousy Streamyx connection which seem to happen quite regularly in college
  • Saw two pretty good looking women on the way in to Borders
  • Confirmed twice that they were pretty good looking men.
  • Once when one spoke, the other when my friend told me loudly enough to make me want to run.
On the other hand, it was nice going going to prayer meeting on Tuesdays again. Was refreshing. That kind of reminds me how much lacking in my quiet time and how much more I need God. Yup... Till then.. Will try to post something soon.


01 August 2006

Breathe, slowly...

Finally, all is done! Homework, project, assignment and everything within that category is finally done. Yes, I think I am alive. I need to start thinking of ways to fill the next two to three weeks of holiday until college classes restart again. However, I have a bad feeling that this sem's results aren't going to turn out well. With so many late and last minute work (most of them not nicely done too), it sure is going to make the results look bad.

So, I am just praying and hoping that God will bless me good results. I do not know how that will happen. But just hoping and praying...