30 June 2005

Butterfly escapes from nature!

The following pictures show a confuse butterfly which escaped from nature.

First stop was to visit all the walls and ceiling of my house

Soon, it got tired of my house and decided to find nature. Those are fake flowers coated with a layer of dust.

Finally decides to land on a package, waiting for the DHL guy to come along to collect it back to nature

Mosquito warfare!

Newsflash: Mosquitos declared war on household, again!

The United Needle Alliance has once again sent another wave of its fighters to take over the household. Striking mostly in the cover of the dark, the alliance a.k.a. mosquitos flies covert mission to attack and distract all its victims from their daily task.

However, defenders of the fledging households are not cooperating enough to eliminate this attacks. Individuals are found using all imaginative methods like the fan, hand brute force in defending their lifeline from being sucked dry. Such methods have been proven succesful to some degree but it does not stop the mosquitos from giving up.

New technology are available but the house's defend budget could not afford such sophisticated defence mechanism. Although proven to be succesful in other household, the head of this household dismiss the idea and denied the proposal of getting such in-mosquitonane plus stating budget constrain as part of the reason.

Individuals of this house have no choice but to continue fighting alone.

Bad reporting by Xiong

27 June 2005

Personality test

I did a personality test on http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/humanbody/mind/surveys/whatamilike/index.shtml

Another proof that I still do not know how to do my blog properlly. I need help and I wonder where I will find it? hhmmm...

Anyway, I am a resolver. Go check it out ;)

Picture test

The egg and the mug. Interesting?

I actually thought this picture was interesting. With a little arrangement and setting the up the lighting effect, it came out pretty nicely!

This is another "proof" that I am trying hard to be a artisitic. Not very successful indeed. Hopefully people will find interest in the near future.

Well, I am still learning how to post pictures. There will be more to come. Stay tune...

25 June 2005

Some test

I did a test in Kennysia's blog. I do not know how to link it yet but hopefully I will soon.

Oh, the test results? Here it is! Please note minishorts.net is for mature audience only.

Congratulations xiong, you are...

minishorts of minishorts.net

You are outgoing, direct, smart, pretty, and a definite go-getter. You are frank, a little too frank perhaps that sometimes you get on people's nerves and make them very upset. If people attack you, you hit back with triple the force without blinking because you are the kind of person who knows exactly what you are talking about or else you wouldn't talk about it. Your quick-thinking is what makes you special. You are an elitist.

Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?

Blog visit

I indulge in a little blog visit today, and made a little sinful detour to Sarong Party Girl website. I did not see any nudity as it was already removed and neither did I read any of her sexual fantasies.

To be honest, I was so tempted to "accidentally" discover upon those articles and pictures but I have failed. Thank God! Being a Christian, this is one bad testimony and how dissapointing God would be on me. My conscious mind was fighting with my conscience every single second I was visiting the website.

Indeed I know what is right and wrong, and what makes it worst is that I went on with it. I wanted to test the "water" and see how deep I can go on without actually getting into it.

Sometimes I wonder how is it like to turn to God at times like these? He is with us all the time, but we push Him aside so we can have a it our way. And then we feel guilty and we start running back to Him.

Someone once told me that in this context, we are already guilty of sinning by the mere thought of it. (Mark 7:20 and 21 NLV - And then he added, "It is the thought-life that defiles you. 21For from within, out of a person's heart, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder..)

Could it be because we know that He forgave us that we do it? The more accurate question would be could it be because I knew that He forgives me all the time that I do it all the time? I do not know and yet I do not seek after Him.

If you were God, you would be frustrated too right? I would. Please forgive me Father. Pray for changes in me and take care of my heart, Lord.

Source: www.Biblegateway.com

p.s. Sarong Party Girl's website contains a range of topic and not only the fame sex and nudity as claim by local papers. Like the rest of humankind, the blogger faces real issues too.
p.p.s. Neither am I trying to sound "holier-than-thou" but that is what is on my mind and what God is telling me.

22 June 2005

Weird weekend

Here is a quick idea of what happened since last Friday.
  1. A phone call from a friend's friend.
  2. History class makes History.
  3. Feeling violated by a guy?
  4. Busybody...
  5. BBQ in the mountains!
Here are the elaborates of each incident!

On a quiet Friday night after coming back from cell group, my hand phone rang at 2300hours. Seeing that it is an unknown number, I took all possible precautionary measures by:
  • studying the number of the phone.
  • press the answer button
  • slowly put ear piece next to ear
  • say "hello?"
To my surprise, the voice sounds very familiar but I could not make out who it was. The voice then said, "Is Tan with you? Can I speak to her?" Simply shocked by the question, I blurted out that I did not see his girlfriend at all since Wednesday. The guy then appologise and hanged up after that.

After that call, I quickly evaluate my actions of the past 12 months before and after I met her to see if I have done anything that I could be guilty off. Thank goodness for being a "good boy", I slept soundly that night.


istory class has set a new record. Including the history test, the total time of history class is 3 and a half hours! It is an amazing record indeed. This class also set the longest Saturday class time, from 9 to 5!

But my salute to my History teacher, Mr Rah. He has to endure two sessions of three and a half hours each with little break in between. That includes going down to take the extra set of test papers for us. Thanks sir!


Now I know how it feels like when a girl feels violated. I was in the line with my friends at the mamak (Indian Muslim) restaurant preparing to pay my bill at the counter. Since this is a shop I frequent, I know most of the friendly waiters there. A friendly pat on the shoulder was common.

But what happened was stunning. As I was about to pay, a waiter (one of the friendliest) came behind me and gave me a pat. A pat that quickly became a rub from the top of the shoulder to the area just above my butt. That gave me my second wakeup call of the morning. I quickly turn around and gave him a stunned look while saying the thing that is always at my tip of the tounge: Wwwhhheeeeeeeiiii!! At the same time, I could see my other guy classmate's stunned face too looking at me.

I quickly hand over my cash and was about to turn to leave when that waiter move forward and spoke closely into my ear (something which I could not make out). The distance was way, waaayyy, waaaaaaayyyyyyyyy beyond the comfort level of a guy to guy whisper. I sillily gave a silly smile and turned away, moving to the nearest female object I could find.

Trying to hint my girl friend that we NEEDED to move, I said something any surprised person would say ("wwoooooooowwwww") a little too loud. The next thing I know is that the waiter called me and waved at me, scaring me even more.

We continued to move on and my guy friend began relating to the girls what happened. That made me wonder, why don't I have a girl friend when I really need one.

The Moral of the story is:
  1. I will choose a girl over a guy at any time.
  2. I will have a girl next to me all the time everytime I enter that mamak again.

onversation between me and an unknown 5 year old kid (I think he is that young) I met on the way home on Sunday after cobine church celebration in Wisma Angkasa.
Me: Did you do the butterfly? (A craft the children did in Sunday school)
Kid: (pause)
Kid: Busybody...
Me: ...

Moral of the story: Kids know their lesson well on not talking to strangers...


o celebrate father's day, I have decided to follow both my parents to Karak for dinner in the hills. It was a spectacular place with a great view. The only thing was, with nature, you will have to deal with mosquitoes, flies, and many Unidentified Flying Insects.

Having a BBQ dinner there is a good idea. It was pot luck, everyone brought something that could be eaten. In the end, there were so much meat and so little carbohidrate that my nutriotionist friends would shake their head in disgust. However, the good news was that the fish we had were fresh and directly from the pond near by.

We could have had ducks too, but it would be too much hassle to chase, chop and clean.

The pictures of this place would be out soon. Till then, enjoy and be blessed!

Tribute to a collegemate

On the afternoon of 20th June 2005, a college student has decided to end his life upon reasons unknown to many. His friends, who intended to visit him were a few minutes too late when he consumed a cocktail of poison.

Although they managed to bring him to a local hospital, he was barely alive. His family spent the last few minutes of his life beside him before the cocktail finally took its toll on his body.

According to his friends, he was a quiet person but who had ambitions just like everyone of us. However, due to a moment of which many cannot and never will comprehend, he made a decision he soon regretted but it was already too late.

My regards and sympathy towards his family and friends of which has gone through so much in this event. May they recover and move on in life quickly.

16 June 2005

Meetings after appointments..

More update from the past two days of crazy schedules, in point form:
  • Monday morning meeting.
  • Tuesday
    • Morning meeting
    • Tuesday afternoon planning for event
    • Skipped classes in the process but received the most exciting sms to date. (More details to come)
    • Tea with church mates in A&W
    • Drove Wil's Juara.
    • Woke up at 1 to do homework.
  • Wednesday
    • late morning meeting to review the previous day's plan.
    • went in to class late.
    • had dinner with Wah. He walked all the way to my house from Sunway. Don't you feel honoured? To show him my gratitude, I show him around my area, by foot.
    • we settled for dinner with Wal and his bro.
    • watched the most interesting CSI episode (Hint: burnt pregnant woman and murdered family)
    • had supper with Kel to discuss about cell group
To elaborate a little on Juara incident. Wil decided to join the rest of the group for shopping after leavind A&W. He gave me his keys to his car and I drove home with it. All things were well until I got home. The key could not come out of the ignition! For 5 whole minutes I set there trying to figure a way to tell Wil about THE problemo. When I finally found the courage to call him, the solution was to push the automatic gear forward until a "click" is heard. Indeed, that was the sweetest “click” I have ever heard. Well, if it was Wil's Altiza (sports saloon), I would not mind the key being stuck there ;)

Discussion with Kel was interesting and deep. Since he is going to be cell leader, I will supporting him all the way. God have mercy on us! I also appreciate the time we had, thanks Kel!

I guess there will be more meeting in future regarding the event. The lecturers were IMPRESSED with our planning! OK, OK, the truth is, they LOOKED impressed. Either way, we are still getting off a good start. Do pray for us ok?

Some memorable conversation I had lately, not the exact words, but you get what I mean :)
  • "Your house is unusually litted up," "Yeah, happens when I am not home" - in other words the house is dark when my friend is home.
  • "The stars did not perform well that night" - a dissappointed someone who just came back from the jungle.
  • "Nobody goes home until the plan is done" - Boss (committee coordinator) said on Tuesday
  • "What kind of weird culture you all have. Shouldn't you call before going to someone house instead of calling in front of the gate?" - Wah when I called Wal at his house.
Pray: For people who are sick, for my cell group, homework, those who are having exams, and love ones. Amen!

14 June 2005


Things are becoming more hectic these few days. I just found out what my post in the event I am involve does. It covers so much things, I wonder why I am not the head of the committee? ahahah.. well, that is a totally different post with different tasks.

Not only is there an event to worry about, my projects are due soon. So now I will have to find a balance pretty soon or I will not be able to continue writing nonsensical stuff anymore. But thank God!! I am more in a do-it-mood now. Less procrastinating then usual, but not much improvement in the amount of work done.

I am going to sleep pretty late tonight. Hopefully I won't crash my car tomorrow. Pray!!

Most memorable quotes these past few days, or something similar to that.
  • We must do something to the cats. There are four piles of shit in the front yard! - says D upon coming home.
  • Fill in the form, and maybe you can replace your car with the BMW X3 - the petrol pump attendant pointed at my old Ford when I pump in Mobil.
  • Don't get him because you can, Jolene - a song by Dolly something, heard on BBC radio.
  • Your eyes works like a camera (not a digital camera though) - Sunday Star, medical section on taking care of your eyes.
Pray: For me and those who are struggling with homework, those Monash students who are having exams, for those who are sick, and for love ones. Amen!

13 June 2005

Close, yet far

What is it like to have all the opportunity in the world and still missed it? It feels like those forwards that we usually get about seizing every single opportunity before it is too late. But do they know about the emotional burden behind it? Do they know about how does it feel like or even the kind of situation one is in? Is it always as simple as saying it to the face?

What if the person is someone you do not know but a soul you see from far? Both barely know each other well enough other than the mere existence. Saying hello would only give temporary satisfaction but the desire to know about the person behind the face grows each time.

But how can one be attracted to someone you do not know? Is it mere physical attraction? Or is it even deeper than that? How would you explain to her that you are more than interested?

Is this a mere fantasy? Or is it a reality check? What if getting involved in such a way is against a person’s living principles? But isn’t life all about taking the right risk? Then, what is the “right” risk? What happens next if all things fail? Awkwardness will come every time we meet. Will that bring us back to square one? Or will it take us to a whole new level?

If only things were that simple... if only.

11 June 2005

Shock and awe?

I attended a meeting in college today and the overall mood of the committee turned from happy and joyful to plain dreadful and speechless. Every sub-comm. head is supposed to present our work and budget to the directors of the college for approval. Things were going fine until one department presented their plans for their part of the events. I have to admit I was impressed with their proposal. But like what some of the directors said, it is a huge risk running the that small part of the event.

With that being said, the directors proposed that the committee discuss about this matter hoping to weigh the pros and cons before proceeding. After the directors left the meeting room. The debate took a turn and things got worst. That departmental head who proposed the risky idea, fought very hard to promote the ideas, saying it is for the best of the event as all gains are divided to the other departments too. The coordinator said that it still has a lot of flaws. And at that moment, things got personal.

That departmental head started stating that she worked so hard to get it done, and she don't see it in the rest of us. And on and on and on she went. Most of the things she said, just cancelled all the praises we got from the directors. Thank goodness the secretary, although obvious that the damage was done, said that she should stop, before it becomes personal.

I felt a little out of place there and then. And I would love to defend my committee against such attack. No doubt that departmental head has the passion for doing her work, but it became personal for her when the idea was not well received (it would be RM10K or more over budget). I could not say much in that situation as I have not been attending meetings and played only a minor role till that day.

I was thinking of getting her to apologize to the committee as she just insulted all of them as they were not up to her standards. I do not know. I really don't.

On another hand, the evening was more pleasant. We had cell group at Yew's house for the first time in many moons. A good change of venue, a short and confusing but amusing ice-breaker we had, a two-song-praise and worship, and a livelier than usual discussion.

Today's word/discussion was about second chances we get when we accept Jesus, base on John3:1-21. In the end, the message was asking us to reach out to friends and family who are not saved.

Yik then shared a powerful testimony about how as Christians act can affect how non-Christians react. Classic case was when Yik talked to his good friend about Lor's trip to the orang asli, his friend, a Sikh, said that she has a place in heaven. And that was all because he noticed how Lor was willing to serve the Lord. Yik then said it was as though everything fell into place. And for the first time, Yik talked with his friend for 2 hours on the phone regarding God. A thing that never happened before. It was as though the Holy Spirit set everything to happen the way it was.

Cell ended before 11. After that, people set around to hang out before going off. Tadaa.. interesting turn of events, once again.

Most memorable quote the past 2 days, again, not the exact words, but still you will get the gist.
  • What? Most guys would jump on their girlfriend every chance they have! - Al said to me when she found out what I never made out with any of my ex-es.
  • They have toilet there? - when some cell members found out from Wah when he came back from orang asli trip.
  • Oh, it is wild fruits in Kenya - Wah again about durians
Signing off once again. God bless and take care!

10 June 2005


What can I say, I have mood swings. The whole of last night and this morning I was upset and desperate because I could not find my car keys. I searched the whole house in vain (correct?). I even walked to my car at least 5 times to see if I might have dropped it on the road. (My car is parked at the alley near my house.)

In the morning, just before I was about to go pick my friend as I promised. I finally gave up and went searching for the spare key. As I left the house, I told God: Hey, help me! I need the key because I promised to fetch people like Son. I am desperate.

I continued to walk slowly to my car, shaking my poor head in vain. I scanned the road one more last time before getting into the car. And there it was! About 4metres from my car! It laid there waiting for me to pick it up.

There are only two explanation to situation.
  1. The key was there all this while, and I missed it every time I searched for it.
  2. The key was taken by a bird and went on a round trip. Only to be taken back by God and waiting for me to pick it up again.
Of course, the second one can be easily disputed as unbelievable. It could have been a dog or a cat or even a mouse who took the key for a round trip. I did not conduct any DNA testing on it to determine who or what took it. But one thing is clear that God was a factor in this.

And the sad thing was that I did not rely on God through out the whole search. But at the very moment I decided to ask God for help, it tadaaa!!! Interesting eh? I could not thank God enough!

That is all for now. That is the highlight of the day. The other one was that I did not go to the FIR concert in Sunway Pyramid.

Here, signing off once again.
Go and be blessed!

Prayer: For people who are still taking exams, for D, for the people who just came back from the mission's trip (thank you God!), and for my friends and family who are not feeling happy about the world. Take care of them God! Amen.

09 June 2005

Lost and found

The past two days were a little slow. There were classes, and so much free time in between. And today, I still do not know what to post, except to post for posting sake. But by now, so many things happened in the last 6 hours of Wednesday. Here goes
  • Dinner with Yew, Tim and Ken.
  • Supposed to have meeting with cell group members but did not workout well
  • My car keys are missing
  • I just found out that I am no longer the assistant secretary/assist. Admin officer (fancy name for a post eh?). The committee I am in thought highly of me and posted me to be the Events Director. Is that bad news or what? :)
As happy as I should be for some of the things, I somehow felt a little taken back. I would have thought that I will play a small role in the committee of a Interior Design Convention. And I tend to keep a low profile so that I would not hold too much of a responsibility.

But I guess God works in a funny way. Of all posts not to be waken, it is the Events Director's. Considering I went to a course of organising events. Hopefully I did not give it back. Sigh.. Do pray for me, all of those who know and see this. Thanks :)

And oh, I still can't find my key. How am I going out tomorrow? ahahha....

Till then, cheers!

p.s. I wonder how many saw this. This is still a new blog. :)

07 June 2005

Another day

The key event of today...
  • Brother woke me up to fetch him to church at 0800hours
  • Cooked my first lunch in many moons. Not healthy due to imbalance diet (I bet all my nutritionist friends will shake their heads), and more than enough carbons.
  • Skipped library duty by not going to college
    • idirectly forgetting 2 appointments with my friends in college
    • got a lot of questioning
  • Went for dinner with 2 friends.
  • Cleaned toilet floor.
  • Did more homework.
  • Chat with people who have not came in contact for a long while.
Most memorable quotes of today. May not be the exact words but you will get what I mean.
  1. Go start the car. - By B while I walk towards car.
  2. A visitor would have thought that your room got broken into. - By D on the condition of my room.
  3. I did not invite you because I know you are going out with somebody's girlfriend for dinner. - When Suz found out that I was going out for dinner with two other friends.
Prayers and blessings: For those who are having exams, tests and quizes this whole week and those who are having fun in the orang asli trip. Cheers!

06 June 2005

Eventful weekend

What a dull title to describe the weekend I just had. So many things happened in the last 48 hours and the only way to tell is in chronological order.

  1. On saturday morning, free movie passes to Starwars epsIII, free popcorns and coke with parents.
  2. Afternoon lunch with parents, chatting online and slept like a pig till the evening
  3. Dinner with the Tua-ee's (big aunt from mom's side) family. 5 course dinner it was for 7 people with a fish so big, it is twice the size of my face when I stuck my face in it (just joking).
  4. Both family went to Bkt. Kinara to visit a distant relative who is getting married the next day. Got lost because we looking for a phantom address. Went home at 2300hours
  5. Chat online with a good friend till 0300hours.
  6. With less than 5 hours sleep, woke up for church in Seapark. Drove there with my mom.
    1. Did not see the cute girl.
    2. Sermon was John 3:1-21, by Elder Beng
  7. After service went to buy mom's newest favourite Sunday breakfast (yau cha gwai and hamcheembang)
  8. Send her home and went to Subang for service.
    1. went in just in time for the last worship song
    2. my first day of duty with the 8-9year olds in children's ministry
    3. met several key people before leaving church
  9. Helped college lecturer to paint, shift house
  10. Went to Bkt. Jalil for wedding dinner. Got lost again
  11. Came back home and come online.
Interesting? Hope I you are still awake. But what I learnt the past two days is just amazing.
  1. Adults sometimes have a habit of repeating themselves when looking for a place. Once every 30 seconds.
  2. People will talk to you if you are ready to listen.
  3. The faith of a child should not be underestimate, although it is hard to tell if the child understands Jesus really is, you will know it when they love Him.
  4. Children have the capability of making decision whether they want to follow Christ.
  5. It is our responsibilities to guide and love them (children), and even teach them about the wonders of God.
  6. People have the tendency of butchering songs they love. They do it by singing out of tune and out of timing during wedding dinner. Fear is reduced drasticly when sing in groups of 5.
Before I sign off, I just want to thank all my cellgroup members for being supportive. And I want to pray for all of those who will be taking their exams the next two weeks, take care and God bless!

wazzuupp... :)

04 June 2005

Still thinking

Welcome, welcome, to those who sees. At this second entry, I still do not know what I want this blog to be? Since the first post till today, I do not know whether this blog would be a blog to inspire those who read or someting that would allow people to read my thoughts.

Although this would be similar to many other blogs around the world, I want this to be different in some way that people are not reading routines. Hopefully, I would find a purpose for this blog. Till then... :)

God Bless and take care

03 June 2005


Here I am joining the crowd by writing my first ever journal online. I wonder who will see this? hhmmm...