24 May 2006

Dad's advise

"Suffer in silence. It is for the best. You do not want more than you bargain for," (paraphrased) says dad. In a few hours, I will be gone on a long peaceful (hopefully) journey to Penang. Hopefully we will be able to have a few hours of peace every once in a while the whole time we are there. It is the duty of a relative to visit another, even if it means that we will receive constant scolding from the elderly.

19 May 2006


IF you have the following symptons:
  1. uncontrollable cough
  2. unstopable nose leaking
  3. unbelievable sore throat
  4. unimaginable headache
  5. unceasable sneezing
Then, I am sorry that you have flu. Sorry but you have been registered as a flu virus carrier. Just like me. But no worries, with enough rest and a good Medical Cert (MC) from a good doctor, and the wonderful help of God. All will be gone soon.

oh, Happy B'day Poh! Who is officially 1 year away from being an elligible voter for Malaysia if she comes back from Aussie land. :)

11 May 2006

When architecture students do performing arts... (photos)

It is true when they say that architecture students are crazy and stressed all the time. So some decided to turn to performing arts to destress...

Mrs. Doubtfire


Woman-with-problem-asks-MCA-for-help Show

Talk-is-cool-and-cheap Show

Your Basic Rights

"Howdy, officer? Is there anything wrong?"

What do you do when you are stopped by a police? I recieved an e-mail with a link to a website which informs you of your rights by the Malaysian Bar (not the one where they serve alcohol beverages and soft drinks at a cut throat price).

Download this little book and read it so that you will know what to do when you are caught with your pants down by the police next time. Not that I want to hear of anyone really caught that way literally. Read some of the comments given regarding the book too, which proves to be quite helpful too.

If you want to do more than knowing your rights, you can always join the SOPF - Save Our Police Force by signing the online petition.

Once you have done all of the above, Malaysia will become a better place. Yeah...