28 March 2007


His mission was as crucial as any mission he has ever took. It was a matter of life and death. Searching for a ever changing landscape for fresh supplies. The pilot, equipped with the best sensors he could get, took off as soon as he was ready.

The landscaped below has somehow rearranged itself in a new order, but that did not stumped the pilot as it was the tactic of the enemy of his land. Immediately, his sensors, fine-tuned over many generations, gone wild detecting many different types of supply. Seven to be exact.

After flying around a couple of times, the pilot decided it was worth the risk to get a close up. From high on the pilot took a sharp dive and head towards the supplies. He knows that his enemies has detected him. Though many times more superior, they are no match to his amazing agility and experience.

The pilot stayed focus on his mission. He scouts for a safe landing spot near the supplies. He makes a big round and starts to land.

He is hit! An unidentified object which looks like a missile hits him off the sky. The pilot crashed into the sea.

Quickly he tried swimming to safety, but the more he struggled, the more water he takes in. In the end, it was all over.

The enemy then cried, "Hey, there is a fly in the mushroom dish!"

20 March 2007

More Work

OK, so I misjudged in the past on how much work I would be getting in future. It seems like my boss/colleagues/sub-ordinates/canteen workers/nature have some grand master plan of working me to death. The past two weeks was just a preview on how fun it could be working.

Today, I have done so many things. That includes having:
  • a 5 course lunch in the site canteen
  • trying not to fall asleep during a meeting
  • killing 4 mozzies and 1 fly
  • draw buildings on the computer
  • trying to sound somewhat important
It is almost the end of the day. Here is something for people who are interested in clicking on something. I like listening to this it. And thank goodness I have headphones. =)

Cheers.. more to come when I free =)

13 March 2007


Lots, I have. But my brain can't function after lunch. I am slowly regaining the use of my brain. Disjointed eh?

I have been visiting this blog on and off since last year. And every time I went back there she writes something which I would go "wow, my brain never thought of it that way before." I am always tempted to leave a comment but somehow I could never think of anything intelligent. Sad huh?

This blog entry of hers just really set it off. It was about how she became a Christian. And somehow that warrant a respond from a Catholic.

I do not know man, I thought being a Christian is all about knowing the true Loving God and how Christ redeemed us by His blood. And all we have to do is live a life of blessing and being an ambassador to Christ's kingdom.

If going to heaven to be with God needs one to sit an entrance exam of theology and Sainthood, I would be packing my bag for hell already.

Of course, Jesus would have helped me through the test, that hell thing won't happen and we will live happily ever after. Correct me if I am wrong. I need to know God first and foremost. Theology can come later to explain God's reasoning.

Now, my brain has functioned beyond capacity. Time to shut down and read more things. Cheers!

Interesting sight of the day: Man adds tau youw / pak yauw / light sauce, lots and lots, into maggie mee soup.

09 March 2007

How to Sleep AND not Get Scolded

Disclaimer: This is NOT a guide on taking the easy way out but for your info only.

Introduction: I have started working from a 9 or approximately 10 to 5.30 or 7 in the evening basis because of my practical training / industrial training / industrial attachment. It requires me to wake up at about 06.15 and drag my feet until 06.30 before brushing my teeth. Leave the house by 0700 or suffer the penalties of traffic jam.

Since I have a bad habit of sleeping only after 12am, 6 or less hours asleep a day will kill in the long run. So here, is a way to sleep and not get scolded at work, especially by your boss. It will require a lot of preparation on your part and may not guarantee results.

  1. Find a job
  2. Find a job which requires you to travel in between different area.
  3. Find a good boss.
  4. Travelling must be more than 10 minutes to be worth while, try 50 minutes like mine.
  5. Don't be the driver, let your boss, office driver, colleague(s) be.
  6. Choose a comfortable seat in the car.
  7. Get in the car and fall asleep as fast as possible. Otherwise they will start talking to you and you will miss your chance.
  8. At work, find out if there is any thing to do. Otherwise find a cozy spot and fall asleep.
  9. Make good friends with your colleagues (and boss if possible). They will encourage you to sleep if they think you need one.
Voila. Of course, all of these can work provided you don't drink coffee or have already considered all affecting variables. Have to go soon, my bed.. I mean, transport back to the HQ is coming soon.


p.s. I have been reading some online articles instead of sleeping today. Sensitive stuff but more or less insightful and helpful for us all (maybe not all).

08 March 2007


I was sitting all alone,
In front of the computer,
Just behind a curtain of plans,
In a small little room,
At the corner of the office building,
Shielding me from the sight of my colleagues.
With nothing to do,
And imagination is the limit,
My eyes will be staring,
My mind wonders.
The temptation is great,
I struggle to hold back,
With every bit of will power,
That is left remaining.
To just use the computer to surf the net, chat and slack.
Whoopss... I did..

Next, how to sleep in front of your boss and NOT get into trouble.