25 April 2007


Lets Just Say It's Not Me (short for Me) was talking to Some Girl You Do Not Know In US (short for Her) in the midst of a instant messaging (MSN) conversation (paraphrased).

Me: Hey, I am back, did you reply? Sorry, there was a power outage. (Internet got disconnected)
Her: hahah.. lousy lah, stop chewing on the wires.
Me: not my teeth lah, more like my fingers
Her: then, don't chew the wires with your fingers, or don't let your fingers chew the wires. ?
Me: no lah, I passed by my boss' office and found out that he was sitting in the dark.
Her: meditating?
Me: no, eating
Her: what?
Me: yeah, so I asked him what why he did not switch on the light. he said that it will trip.
Me: and i think he asked me to try to switch on and see if it does or not, and so i did. the lights flickered for a while and poof! No power.

Her: people bring light to other people, but you bring darkness!
Me: =P

One of the clerk who happened to be there throughout the whole incident asked Me if he was happy as he managed to trip the power for the entire site building. Yup, that was the most embarrassing few seconds of his.

On other things, the past few days (feels like weeks) has been a roller coaster... sigh...

Youth Celebration is coming up! Hmmm... Feel like having cole slaw suddenly


13 April 2007

Turning Point

This week is not the same as it has been before. I might be lose my internet connection, privilege to use my handphone due to security reasons; my afternoon nap times and sanity due to increasing workload.

What is worst is that when someone does not take responsibility for doing their jobs properly, there will be a lot of flies flying around. You lousy swallows! You are supposed to eat your food and not let it fly around! It is not good when your food comes and mix with my food. Feels a little odd don't you think?

But hey, not to worry! These are kampung (village) flies. They are cleaner than city flies. Says the canteen operator. Why? because there is not as much pollution as the city.

Heh.. He did not mention that DBKL brings their merchandise in rubbish truck loads to a location not too far away from my work place. Yeah, so much for working in an oil palm estate. Maybe the canteen operator was polite enough to not mention it during one of our meals in the site canteen.

Now, there is a fly in my office. And it is bugging me...



03 April 2007

Busy day

Things that I have done today includes:
  • Attend a lunch meeting
  • Contact and correspond with a manager
  • Made important phone calls
  • Arrange appointments
  • Respond to e-mails
  • Check e-mail
  • Converse with other colleagues
  • Provided professional opinion
  • Contact a potential partner for a project
  • Online research
And this are not even related to practical training. *Grumble... I am a little too free. I mean there are some tasks to do here and there, but it is all done within minutes.

This is what happens when the client cannot afford to pay the main contractor. Then all the jobs in the construction site slows down and there is not much progress. A formula is here for all to learn. You can use this on your friends or kids or students or colleagues or...

No Work = No Progress = No Problemo

Notes on other event: Nothing interesting happened in the canteen today. But nearly a week back, a fly fell into my near-empty glass of leong char. Yeah. They all like to die a watery death eh?

Next up. More fly stories...