02 September 2007


Woah... third week of final semester! So fast.

Not good. I feel too relaxed for it to be my final semester. With only classes three times a week and Saturday and Sunday also somewhat busy, I have quite a lot of time on my hand. This entry is a proof of it.

I can go on ranting about I should be a good boy and save Malaysia from incompetent people, or the world is being unfair, or we as Christians have been so selfish or mean to each other, or how some people are so nice to me when I don't deserve it, or wonder what should the next step be for being a Church of a living God.

But my heart goes out to this Aussie dame from Ipoh. I knew her from my previous college, separated since graduation, stumbled upon her blog and have been following ever since (like checking in once every quarterly). Always known her as someone friendly and a little bit cool. Loneliness and waiting patiently seems like a horrible combination. Hmmm...


Press on, girl. DON'T GIVE UP!

Yeah, sounds like it is for me too..