10 August 2008

Wooot!! Since 28th Jan. That is bad.

But that is because this dude is saddened by the feeling of being annoyed at the confusion of getting mad from being distressed of not overcoming jealousy of a friend's happiness.

Nah, he is just confused.

On other note: by God's grace and mercy, June has recovered from dengue. And thanks to insurance, her medical bill is on RM 65 *ching ching* after 6 days in the hospital. This is a warning to all. Stay away from mosquitoes. They are bad stuff which makes you like flies more.


28 January 2008

What's New?

I guess not blogging for a long while has its perks. More work can be done, trying to finish my finals, more time spent looking at other things, time to spend with friends, getting involve in new relationships etc.

It is 2008. 2007 ended with a fizz. Like a firework presentation where so much preparation put into it, and when launched, speed into the sky and "ding". VoilĂ ! Many things did not end the way I hope it to be. I am not married, I have not graduated, and I have not landed in a big job which would quickly make me a millionaire.

The past few weeks taught me how to be reliant on God's strength and His standards. Very easy to say it now, I still have no idea how it really feels like now when I looked back at it. But I can appreciate it base on the things that has happened and recall how on planet earth I managed such impossibility. And the people who helped me along, God bless their souls!

The thing I appreciate most when looking back would be all the relationships I built the past year. It is good to know many more people on deeper level. It is also good to rebuild old connections, getting to know and or bumping into old friends.

So for this new year, things are developing rather quickly. I will try to update more often. Maybe with the possibility of a rare chance somewhere some time in the near distant future that I might not deny beyond reasonable doubt that I will update before CNY.

Cheers =)