25 November 2006


I am lazy (to finish my homework)... Tagged by Jee (Ben)

Here goes!

4 things many don't know:
- I am not as hardworking as I sound
- I like drinking water (lots)
- I do imagine what would it be like to have (insert your name) as a girlfriend, wife, sister. If you are a guy, how on earth did you get/survive your girlfriend, wife, sister...
- Had a crush on my teacher when I was 5.

4 movies I could watch over and over:
- Most James Bond movies
- True Lies
- Indiana Jones Series
- Back 2 The Future I, II & III

4 places where I've lived:
- Subang Jaya
- Air Hitam (Penang)
- Kota Kemuning
- Kai Been

4 TV shows I love:
- Top Gear
- Dr House
- Doc Martin

4 places i've been for vacation:
- East Coast
- Thailand, Cambodia
- Australia
- US

4 of my favourite foods:
- Meat
- Vegetable
- Fish
- Rice & Noodle

4 places i would rather be:
- UK
- Where everybody knows your name
- Your house
- Her house

4 favourite songs:
- James Bond Theme song
- C&C: Red Alert (sound track)
- Rainbow 6 (theme song)
- Day by Day (Point of Grace)

4 others I wanna tag:
- Jill, Rose, Beanstalk, Ripper & traits
- Eun
- Shi
- Carr

16 November 2006

Trouble in bed...

Since that incident, I have problems in bed. I have too many pillows, my neck aches when I sleep on more than two pillows stacked together, the extra pillow falls off the bed as I can only hug two at a time.

Please come home, jie...

Other problems include the laptop cannot detect wireless connection sometimes, my comp is going crazy and I am sleepy all the time. *yawn...


p.s. now I know why I am sleepy, I just watched two James Bond flicks tonight! I should be busy doing homeworrkkzzzz.z.zz....

06 November 2006

Four girls and one Guy

Girl 1: We were standing at the door late at night. We just reached her house after dinner and she was about to enter. We looked at each other and said good bye. Deep within, I had so much to say but it would not come out. All I wanted was to give her a hug and hope that things would turn out fine no matter what. And sillily, we said good bye again, and ackwardly I left through the gate, leaving a good friend once again as she enters her house..

Girl 2: I quickly drove to the front of the gate only to realise that she was leaving the house with her luggage. I thought I was just in time. I quickly parked and ran towards the car she was getting onto. As I was running, I was said, God give me the chance to pray for her. But when I reached, I only managed to give her a hug, and then she had to go. The driver drove down the road with her inside, turned at the junction and out of sight..

Girl 3: She was waiting at the door as her parents continued talking. I spent the next 20 minutes trying to muster some courage to walk up to her to say hello. I walked towards her with all my boldness only to chicken out by talking to her dad. Seeing that I still have a chance to talk to her, I turned away the opposite direction. And from afar, she stood on for a few more minutes before leaving walking through the door with her parents..

Girl 4: It was nearing the end and she was talking to her friend. I went up next to her and gave her a side hug like what her friend was doing to her and joined on to their conversation, hoping that I would be able to hug her and thank her for being there for us all the time when we are left alone after. Her friend soon left and another friend came along and started another conversation. Just as it was about to come to a turning point, a little boy came an embraced her and started crying. Knowing that this was an urgent matter, she took him by his hand and lead him off to a distant place..

Guy: He was like a silent yet strong father to me although I still do not understand the value of the relationship we have. He stood by me, guiding and supporting me even when I was tired and frustrated. He calmed me and encouraged me and even gave me unimaginable strength to work things out. Time and time again, He got me out of trouble just at the right moment and even giving me unimaginable confidence. Crazy as it may seems, but I doubt His help all the time even when I have been proven wrong again and again. The amazing thing is, He never left once.

In all these, no-one is to be blamed. I guess. I just have to work on my timing. And hopefully, He will guide me through.

p.s. Thanks Su, your gift on Sunday morning was amazing =)