16 August 2009

Age vs Maturity

Age does not denote maturity level.

My house mate came home last night rather displease with a classmate who took his joke very seriously and made a scene in the middle of class. House mate claims the issue has been settled but noted that although the other guy was slightly older but did not behave like one.

It hit me today that in a different manner that, despite me being a follower of Christ for some 7 odd years now and I still behave like a weed that sways easily. I had a Bible study with a new Christian the other day and we discussed about what it is like to follow God's will: having faith.

Long story short, the past few months I have been struggling in several areas: being obedient and being a God's lover. And I realised that I am still far from being mature in many ways, despite being a 7 year old Christian.

Oh, God. Have mercy on me. Remove all my selfish desires. May my heart follow You forever!


05 August 2009

Money vs Rain

Two things they always say about students: Not enough money, not enough food, and not enough brain.

Second semester has just started and a few of my year 3 seniors are about to graduate with Bachelors in Environment Design. Some have made plans to continue studying, some to change subject, many to go back home to work. Mostly due to item number 1 mentioned above.

I spoke to one of my local (Australian) classmate the week before and he was down to AUS$80 (roughly RM240) for the next 2 weeks or so. And he gets no allowance from parents. That is one of the many stories people share when money is mentioned. Many have opportunities to earn while they study but some have unfortunate circumstances.

I guess I am fortunate enough that my parents and relatives sponsor my studies. Makes me want to save on everything I can. Right. Thank God for providence.

Now, to the weather. It has been raining cows and blowing elephants the past few days. With winter leaving and spring approaching in September, the orcas will come in for the kill.

I had a taste of what was to come in Spring when a friend called me from Malaysia one night. It was raining and blowing and I had no key to enter the house. The front porch of my house is so small, it is equivalent of standing under an umbrella during a cyclone for 30 minutes. And walking around with strong wind can provide the experience of drunk walking without alcohol.

Makes you wonder how Spring would be like...