22 October 2009


The general atmosphere for the last two days of presentation for our class was of a relaxed, resigned, rejuvenated, and to some extend, rejoice. The long toil for 2nd semester has finally come to an end. 

Well, kind off. History test on the following Tuesday and it will be nearly 4 long months of summer break.

Going out with the Malaysian students in my class for dinner last night made me realised that I will be abandoned by them when they all fly home for the end of the year. Which means should something happen, they can easily narrow down to the only Asian in town.*

Right, like that ever happens.*

Four months. What can happen in 4 long, hot summer months? The subgroup of the dinner group (huge group of 10+ pax) agreed that the whole year past too fast, and the shock of going into 3rd year next year. Even the recent (Malaysian student) arrivals thought that this semester just blinked by. Two hundred and fifty three blinks roughly to be exact.


By the way, my dear Ben Luffy,  I am a closet geek, speaking only to suit the occasion.

*Cultural Joke: Even Asians will suspect Asians first should 'something' happen. Later proven to be an untrue stereotype as one Australian mentioned that they too, can be randomly accused by bozo(s) after a few drinks... 

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